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How to Determine that Orchitis Has Healed?
Do you know which is the most vulnerable place for men? I guess you know that it is the testicles. When you accidentally hit the testicles, you will feel extreme pain. The pain can be said to be indescribable. Anyway, no one wants to experience it again. And the testicles are also very easy to get sick. 

Orchitis is one of the diseases related to testicles, and the harm of orchitis can be said to be very large. It can easily induce various serious diseases, such as varicocele, phlebitis, prostatitis, endocrine diseases, nephritis and other kidney diseases, urinary infection diseases, malignant tumors, etc., which seriously threaten the life of men. Moreover, orchitis can lead to the decline of male sexual function, or even the complete loss of sexual function, which brings difficulties to the life of couples. 
So, if you have some symptoms of orchitis, go and see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Orchitis caused by bacterial infection should be treated with antibiotics. Orchitis caused by virus (mumps virus). The main purpose of treatment is to reduce symptoms.
When antibiotics fail, patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, clear heat, detoxify, and effectively kill pathogens that cause testicular inflammation. 
So, how can you tell if your orchitis is cured? The basic standard for the recovery of orchitis is the disappearance of the symptoms of orchitis:
First of all, there should be no pain. There is no radioactive pain at the root of the leg or the groin, and there is no obvious swelling after the testicle is touched. There is no feeling of pus, and there will be no fever and nausea. Stable for a period of time, if there are no uncomfortable symptoms, it should be cured.
Don't worry, you can also check the blood to determine whether it is cured. Consult the attending doctor for specific conditions, and the doctor will tell me whether it is cured through examination.
If the symptoms of orchitis are in a state of improvement, it is also necessary to cooperate with the doctor for active treatment. Never stop the medication or stop the treatment without the consent of the doctor, so as to avoid incomplete treatment of orchitis and repeated attacks.
In life, the maintenance of testicles is essential for men. The following are a few critical points for maintaining testicles:
1. Massage the testicles
Good testicular maintenance is an effective way to prevent testicular diseases in men. You can massage your testicles for a few minutes every day when you are going to sleep. It can maintain the testicles. And once the testicles are inflamed, you can know it immediately and treat it in time.
2. Don't Wear Jeans Too Often
Testicles like low temperature. Jeans are made of a kind of fabric that is not breathable. If you wear jeans often, the temperature of your private parts will rise, which will give testicles a negative impact, and are easy to cause orchitis.
3. Avoid Unprotected Sex Life
Many cases of orchitis are caused by unclean sex life, which can also lead to many other diseases, so it is necessary to end unprotected sex to avoid infection and harm your health.
4. Avoid Spicy Food
Eating spicy food can easily stimulate the skin to secrete sebum, resulting in smegma on the penis, and this smegma is easy to breed bacteria and infect the testicles. And drinking alcohol will also stimulate the skin to secrete sebum. So avoiding spicy food and alcohol is necessary.
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