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Orchitis Risk: Focus on Daily Prevention
The testis is a vital male organ, just like the warehouse where men produce sperm. The health of the testis directly affects the quality of sperm. If male orchitis is not treated in time, it will affect male fertility and even lead to male infertility.

There are four main hazards of orchitis.
1. Fertility loss: The damage of orchitis can also lead to dead sperm, azoospermia, loss of fertility, and infection of inflammatory stem bacteria to the spouse, causing gynecological diseases and causing great harm to the wife.
2. Dangerous diseases: orchitis can easily induce various serious diseases, such as varicocele, phlegmatic, prostatitis, endocrine disorders, nephritis and other kidney diseases, urinary infections, and malignant tumors, which seriously threaten men's lives.
3. Sexual function loss: Testitis can lead to the decline of male sexual function, or even complete loss of sexual function, bringing difficulties to the life of couples.
4. Premature aging due to deficiency of essence and kidney: If orchitis cannot be cured for a long time, it is easy to cause a lack of essence and kidney, depletion of vitality, the severe cold of limbs, backache, and backache, and premature aging.
Generally, orchitis occurs after parotitis. The scrotum shows erythema and edema. One or both testes are enlarged with high tenderness, and sometimes hydrocele can be seen. Mumps lesions can generally be found. After symptomatic treatment for some time, testicular swelling subsides. Testitis also occurs in patients with urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia resection, and long-term indwelling catheter.
Chronic orchitis is usually caused by incomplete non-specific acute treatment. It can also be caused by mold, spirochete, and parasite infection. Early detection and treatment are essential coping methods for genitourinary disorders, including orchitis.
For the treatment of orchitis, natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It not only treats orchitis but also acts on the whole urinary and reproductive system. It can also treat urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, and other diseases.
The main points to pay attention to in the treatment of orchitis are:
1. During the treatment period, patients with enough rest time should stay in bed and rest. They can also hold the scrotum and apply a hot compress to the testes. If the testes are painful, they should inject 1% lidocaine to relieve the pain.
2. Pay attention to anti-inflammation. Because the body is in a sensitive state during the treatment, if germs enter the body, the treatment will fail. Therefore, patients must pay attention to the hygiene of external genitalia to avoid germs entering the body.
3. Relaxed patients should not be impatient for success during treatment. They should actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment. In ordinary times, they should pay attention to what the doctor tells them. The most important thing is to keep a relaxed and positive attitude. They should not be in a state of anxiety and irritability.
Prevention of orchitis
1. Eating less spicy food, such as spicy food, raw food, and cold food, is also likely to lead to the increase of secretion at the inflammatory site and the aggravation of inflammation, which will spread to other organs and affect their health.
2. Give up smoking and drinking. Patients who eat more vegetables and fruits should give up smoking, drinking, and other bad habits to avoid aggravating the disease. Usually, they should pay attention to eating more fresh vegetables and fruits and appropriately increase the intake of vitamin C, which positively strengthens the body's resistance. They should eat less fish soup, etc., to avoid increased secretion of inflammation.
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