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How does Orchitis Patients Use Ginger?

Male testicles are relatively fragile organs. If you do not care well, it is easy to suffer from orchitis and other diseases. Orchitis is a relatively common male disease that will greatly harm the male body. As for orchitis, we should not only scientifically treat it but also pay attention to a proper diet. 


Patients with orchitis are not advised to consume stimulating foods such as ginger to avoid aggravating the inflammation or causing a disease recurrence. However, the external application of ginger is beneficial for orchitis treatment.

Next, introduce the treatment of orchitis with ginger.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is characterized by warmth, which reduces swelling and disperses knots and sweating, improves blood circulation, and dispels cold. In addition, it also has a specific inhibitory effect on bacterial growth. Applying ginger to the scrotum can promote local blood circulation and accelerate inflammatory absorption. In addition, it can inhibit the growth of perineal bacteria, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of orchitis.


The specific method of external application of ginger in patients with orchitis: take hypertrophic old ginger, wash it with clean water, then cut it into uniform slices about 0.2cm thick, use 6 ~ 10 pieces each time, apply it to the affected scrotum, cover the gauze, pick up the scrotum, replace it 1 ~ 2 times a day, until cured.


In the treatment of orchitis with the external ginger application, most patients can feel the swelling and tenderness of the scrotum on the second day, and some patients can be significantly improved after 3 days.


But it should be noted that the external application of ginger can only play a role in relieving symptoms and can not replace antibiotic treatment. In addition, orchitis must be treated thoroughly. Medication should not be stopped as soon as symptoms disappear. Antibiotics should be continued until the end of the course to avoid worsening the disease.

In terms of treatment, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be selected, which has noticeable effects on the treatment of orchitis, does not produce drug resistance, and can completely cure orchitis without recurrence.

In addition to ginger, orchitis patients also need to pay attention to some dietary contraindications:

Avoid eating spicy food to eliminate the source of endogenous moisture and heat. Men's lower body cold, excessive intercourse, enduring urine, etc., easily cause sympathetic nerve excitation, thus inducing difficulty in urination. This should also be avoided.

Men should avoid eating irritants. Patients should eat less of the so-called "irritants," such as pig feet, fish soup, and mutton, and those high-fat foods are classified as irritants. This is because fatty irritants can cause increased secretions in the inflamed area, further infiltrating and spreading the inflammation or exacerbating symptoms.

Eat less high-cholesterol foods. Meat foods with high-cholesterol content can also further spread inflammation.

In addition, the prescription for the treatment of orchitis is attached for your reference:

Bupleurum, Radix aconitum and green peel 6g each, orange seed and attached slice 9g each, seaweed, fritillaria, and white mustard seed 12g each. Decoction with water, 1 dose daily. This formula is mainly for the treatment of orchitis.

Internal remedy. Gentian, Phellodendron chinensis 15g each, dandelion, purple flower Diding 30g each, Sichuan chinadry seed, peach kernel, Rhizoma corydalis, bupleurum 10g each, lychee seed 20g, raw licorice 4 g.

External prescription. Septicaria, groundsel, Purslane 150-300 grams each. 3 Combination of medicine or optional 1 flavor. Indications are acute epididymitis and orchitis.

The above is to introduce the knowledge about how orchitis patient uses ginger. Do you remember it?

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