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Orchitis Patients Still Has Symptoms After 6 Months, What Should You Do?

Orchitis is common in men, usually with testicle swelling, pain and other symptoms. However, orchitis, as a male reproductive infection, patients should pay attention to the effects of the disease on the body. If it is not cured long, it has a great impact on men's life and work, so patients should try to cure orchitis completely.

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Patients with orchitis, after a period of treatment, can be improved completely, without pain, but they also need to pay attention to the body. However, orchitis is a chronic disease. In many patients, orchitis has not wholly improved, but the pain has disappeared. At that time, they have to continue to take medicine. Otherwise, the pain will return. Although it is not difficult to treat, long-term medication is needed to kill the bacteria completely, and the patient's body can truly recover. If they give up halfway, the disease is easy to relapse.

What should you do to treat orchitis that lasted a long time?

1. First, men should understand why orchitis has not been cured for a long time. Different patients have different causes of disease. For example, some patients ignore orchitis at the early stage and have not been given timely treatment, resulting in it can not be cured. In addition, some patients with incorrect treatment methods lead a long-lasting cure and produce drug resistance. Therefore, if patients want to cure orchitis completely, it is best to treat early in the early stage of the disease and should master the best treatment methods.

2. Another cure is antibiotic therapy. Appropriate antibiotic treatment is required if patients do not respond to simple physical therapy. Meanwhile, antibiotics are particularly effective against acute bacterial orchitis. Commonly used drugs include Rocephin, cilixine, fluoroquinolones, and so on. And specific oral drug methods need to be carried out under the guidance of doctors and do not take without authorization. After all, the wrong administration of antibiotics will impact the body.

3. Surgical treatment should be considered if patients with acute orchitis do not respond to the above two methods. It is suitable for orchitis patients with formed abscesses and should be cut and drained promptly. In patients with severe testicular atrophy, orchiectomy can be performed on the affected side.

4. When patients choose to treat orchitis, do not neglect the nursing methods of orchitis. Patients can use 10 ml of diluted procaine to seal the affected side of the cord, which can reduce swelling, relieve pain, improve testicular blood circulation, and so on. At the same time, it can also play a role in protecting spermatogenic function.

How to determine whether orchitis is cured?

Simply put, after treatment, the symptoms of orchitis, such as swelling, testicular pain, pain in the spreading area, and pyogenic testis, have completely disappeared and are no longer present. Orchitis can only be completely cured if there is no recurrence within six months. Meanwhile, fully recovered orchitis patients can test their recovery by gently pressing on their testicles to see if it is tender. If there is still pressure pain, it may indicate that treatment should be continued. If there is no pain and a normal test, they can confirm that they have been completely cured.

How to deal with orchitis lasting a long time is introduced here. Many doctors say that the treatment of orchitis is usually selected from the above four methods, which can relieve the patient's testicular pain and completely cure repeated orchitis. Finally, patients with testitis must not take medicine at will. Patients should visit the hospital to check out the cause, then take symptomatic treatment.

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