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With Orchitis, Can People Give Birth with Only One Testicle?

Whether only one testicle can affect fertility needs to be decided in many ways. If there is inflammation of the testicles, it will definitely affect the quality of sperm, because inflammation will cause the color change of sperm and affect the quality of sperm, which is bound to affect fertility. If the sperm from patients with orchitis is damaged, it will affect fertility.


Usually, if the seminal vesicles and prostate are normal, only one testicle can reproduce, but it is necessary to ensure smooth vas deference. If one side of the testicles is normal, there is no problem with fertility, but if there are other inflammation, such as seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis and the vasectomy is not smooth, and one testicle will affect fertility, a specific examination is needed to see if there is any other inflammation. 

Men also need to see whether the testicles are normal and then judge whether they can have children according to the results of the examination or need to do relevant treatment and regular re-examination.


Orchitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma and other pathogens, which can be transmitted through sexual and non-sexual transmission. Non-sexual transmission mainly comes from retrograde infections that invade the testicles by the urinary system or the direct invasion of the mumps virus. 


The clinical manifestations of acute orchitis are high fever, chills, testicular swelling, and pain, which can radiate to the scrotum, contour groin, and lower abdominal areas. When an abscess is formed, there can be local fluctuations. After testicular swelling and pain are found, pay close attention to the changes in the disease. If the pain is severe or cannot be relieved after rest, please visit the hospital in time.


The diagnosis of orchitis mainly depends on typical clinical manifestations and signs. Other diseases can be ruled out through laboratory and imaging examinations. This disease is mainly caused by infection. Treatment mainly includes general treatment and antibacterial treatment. If conservative treatment is noneffective, surgical treatment can be used if necessary. If orchitis is transmitted sexually, sex needs to be suspended. When the sexual transmission is suspected, the partner is also at risk of infection. Partners need to be notified and evaluated for screening, and follow-up evaluation should be carried out later after the patient recovers.


For the early stage of orchitis, patients can stay in bed, lift the scrotum, and use local hot compresses to relieve the symptoms of discomfort. For those with obvious swelling of the scrotum, 50% magnesium sulfate solution can be used for wet hot compresses. If the patient's pain is evident, appropriate analgesic drugs can be selected for symptomatic treatment.


In addition, if these methods are noneffective, antibacterial drugs are commonly used for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. For example, relatively sensitive antibiotics are often selected according to the patient's drug sensitivity experiments, which can be taken orally, and intravenous drip and intramuscular injection are used for treatment. For acute patients, the general effect is relatively significant.


These are commonly used in the treatment of orchitis. Patients may make decisions according to their actual condition in their choice. Based on past treatment experience, if patients in the acute stage use antibiotics reasonably, the general curative effect is also better. 


However, during treatment, patients should pay attention to observation to avoid the side effects of drugs. For the chronic period, because the scope of the lesion is relatively wide, and it is often accompanied by infections from other adjacent organs, at this time, choosing a complete prescription of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for a conditioning treatment, the effect is more obvious, and it can treat both the symptoms and the root causes.


In addition, in daily life, men can massage the testicles with both hands during the bath or before going to bed and massage the testicles for ten minutes each time and against time. Long-term persistence must be beneficial. You should eat more fresh vegetables, melons, and fruits and increase the intake of vitamin C and other ingredients intake to improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability. 

Eat fewer so-called "stimulating food," such as pig's feet, fish soup, and mutton, so as not to increase the secretions of inflamed areas, and orchitis will further infiltrate, spread and aggravate symptoms. Be careful not to eat spicy and stimulating food. Don't smoke and drink alcohol, don't stand still for a long time, don't have sex too much, and don't frequently masturbate, etc.

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