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What Are the Reasons That Cause Testicular Itching?

While many people think that itching in the private parts is only a female condition, men can experience itchy testicles for various reasons. There are many reasons for itching testis, scrotal dermatitis, scrotal eczema, orchitis, etc., that may cause itching.


What are the reasons that cause testicular itching?

1. Scrotal dermatitis. Scrotal dermatitis occurs in young and middle-aged men, known as chronic simple scrotal moss or neurodermatitis. It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease occurring in the scrotal skin, featured as dramatic bryophytic and paroxysmal itching in the local skin. The main symptoms are skin flushing, oozing, peeling, blistering, pain, and itching.

2. Scrotal eczema. Scrotal eczema is mainly caused by sweat and filth irritation. In hot weather, it is susceptible to fungal infection. Scrotal eczema is mainly featured as skin redness, blisters, exudation, scab, etc. The skin will even thicken rough and cause unbearable itching.

3. Orchitis. Testicular itching is the most common symptom of orchitis disease. Orchitis is accompanied by itching and a certain sense of pain. Some pain occurs after sex, and some is radiated from the spermatic cord varicose or other parts, such as testicular radiation pain caused by ureteral stones.

4. Testicular itching is caused by the high temperature of the pubic. Lots of sweat, humidity, poor breathability, as well as testicular skin impregnated by sweat, underwear friction, and other factors can cause testicular itching. Wearing tight jeans and nonabsorbent or nonbreathable nylon underwear can also lead to this situation.

5. Vitamin B2 deficiency. Erythema, dryness, desquamation, papules, and scabs may occur, accompanied by itching.

How to treat testicular itching?

1. Vitamin B2. If a man's body is deficient in vitamin B2, he is more likely to develop scrotal inflammation, which causes itching testicles. This condition needs to be treated with vitamin B2. As long as the body has enough vitamin B2, the itching symptoms will be relieved naturally.

2. Antifungal drugs. Many men have testicular itching because of a fungal infection requiring antifungal drugs.

3. Anti-allergy medications. Allergies can also cause itching testis. In this case, some allergy medications should be taken promptly. Antihistamines such as desloratadine and cetirizine are commonly used.

4. Topical drugs. If testicular itching is caused by eczema or neurodermatitis, topical medications can be used to treat it. The suggestion is to gently wipe the itching area with ice cream, then spraying a compound camphor powder two or three times in a row can improve the itching symptoms.

For the symptoms of itching testicular skin, it is recommended that patients must go to the hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment to clarify the cause of the disease and then have symptomatic treatment. Do not use drugs without authorization because sometimes unauthorized use of drugs may lead to aggravation of the condition, making it more difficult to cure.

For testicular itching caused by orchitis, patients can choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms and cure the disease.

As testicular itching is not a single disease, its formation is caused by many reasons. Thus, the patient should develop a healthy lifestyle, exercise appropriately, and protect the testicles.

Patients should pay attention to the hygiene of private parts and timely change underwear in daily life. Remember to change and wash your underwear after sports. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not eat or eat less spicy food. When you usually feel itching, do not scratch with your hands, do not use hot water to wash, and especially do not use soapy water.

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