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Is Orchitis Caused By an Urinary Tract Infection? How to Do With Painful Ejaculation By Orchitis?

Orchitis is a common male disease with clinical manifestations of testicular pain, high fever, chills, and other symptoms, which will also have a certain impact on the life of men. Therefore, males must be clear about the specific causes of the disease to be able to take symptomatic measures to restore health as soon as possible.

Painful Ejaculation with Orchitis

So, what are the causes of orchitis? Does urinary tract infection cause orchitis?

It is well known that the male reproductive and urinary systems are closely connected, so there is a high likelihood that infections will spread between the two periods. If a man has urethritis, cystitis, or nephritis, the pathogens are likely to infect the prostate or seminal vesicles and testicles along the ejaculatory ducts, leading to orchitis. Clinical examination reveals that urinary tract infections and male inflammatory diseases co-exist more often. If treated, it is essential to determine the condition's cause and extent and take targeted measures.

It is recommended that patients take some appropriate oral anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment and usually pay attention to keeping the urethra clean and hygienic. Also, patients should change their underwear frequently and put the washed underwear under the sun, which has the effect of sterilizing and disinfecting. 

During the period of taking medication, do not eat spicy stimulation or fried greasy food; quit smoking and alcohol and some stimulating carbonated beverages. Appropriate participation in some outdoor activities can enhance the body's immunity. Only if the urethra remains healthy can people avoid orchitis caused by urethral inflammation.

How to do with painful ejaculation by orchitis?

There are many symptoms of orchitis, among which some patients will have ejaculation pain, seriously affecting their normal lives. Painful ejaculation is because when a man ejaculates, his sexual organs will be seriously congested, stimulating the inflammation area, thus triggering a tingling situation in this area. For these patients, frequent sexual intercourse before the inflammation is removed will increase the spread of it. Therefore, patients should avoid sex during this kind of inflammation.

To relieve painful ejaculation caused by orchitis, the patient must first treat the disease. They can consider using magnesium sulfate solution wet compresses to reduce the inflammation, and they can also take some pain relieving medications to ease the pain in the body, such as ibuprofen capsules. Medications such as penicillin, gentamicin, or cephalosporins can also reduce the body's inflammatory response. 

In addition to Western medication, traditional Chinese medicine is also a good option. Patients can choose to take oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties and are beneficial in relieving the symptoms of ejaculation pain and eliminating inflammation.

Besides, to control the condition and eliminate inflammation, men should pay attention to not sitting or standing for a long time, do not have excessive sex, maintaining the health of the genitals, and using warm water to wash their testicles and penis every day; usually maintain a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits or egg products to improve the body's resistance.

To summarize, urinary tract infections can cause orchitis. Therefore, men should keep the urethra clean daily to prevent bacterial infection. As for the painful ejaculation caused by orchitis, patients can adopt medication and improve life habits to relieve the symptoms according to their actual situation.

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