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Testicular Pain Can Be a Sign of Orchitis

Testicular pain is a common symptom of men’s health condition. When testicular pain occurs, it can be quite worrying. Except for trauma or other physical damage, testicular pain, especially persistent pain which doesn’t go away on its own, is a sign of genital system diseases.

Several health conditions can cause testicular pain, including: epididymitis, hernia, prostatitis, epididymal cyst, hydrocele, orchitis, etc., among which orchitis is the most overlooked aspect.

Even orchitis seldom exist independently and is often caused by infection or epididymis, it may still occur before other health conditions, or remain after others are cured.

Orchitis symptoms include:
- Blood in the semen
- Discharge from penis
- Fever
- Groin pain
- Pain with intercourse or ejaculation
- Pain with urination (dysuria)
- Scrotal swelling
- Tender, swollen groin area on affected side
- Tender, swollen, heavy feeling in the testicle
- Testicle pain that is made worse by a bowel movement or straining

Orchitis should be treated in time once you are affected by this disease. Antibiotic is the typical treatment, but because it has side-effect and drug resistance, more and more people try to take alternative treatment – herbal formula to cure their orchitis.
Herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has all advantages that common herbal formulas have, and it also can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, so orchitis can be cured within four months. This herbal formula has lots of advantages that antibiotic doesn’t have. It has no side-effect which makes it possible to be taken for a long time and liver and kidneys are never affected. Also it has no drug resistance, it can keep working on treating the disease and the effect is always good till orchitis is completely cured.

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Sharry" I was pain-free for the first time in years! I thank Dr. Lee for her research, which is going to be of immense use to "
Erica Degay" I had a lump on my left side that would develop after my period and get bigger at the end of ovulation. Now it's gone. "
Kamal Deep" I have great improvement. I used to have pain for almost 18 days a month bt after treatment it nw 5 days only. "
Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
Rhoda Dillon" We want to thank you for everthing you have done. We sense in you a "doctor" in the "true sense" of the world. "

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