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Reproductive Heath: Natural Acesodyne for Testicular Pain

Testicles are an important part of male reproductive system, and mainly responsible for spermatogenesis for men, if the testicles of men cannot be cared for well, reproductive health is prone to be endangered, so men should pay attention to reproductive health at ordinary times, and when they feel the pain from the testis, it is necessary for them to get doctor's diagnosis and the right treatment in time.
Chronic pain of testis
Chronic testicular pain is mild, generalized and radioactive, so it is not easy to determine the exact location of inflammation. Testicular pain is not necessarily proportional to the severity of inflammation. For people who have a high degree of nerve sensitivity, mild inflammation can cause severe pain. Some pain occurs after sex, which may be due to high congestion of the genitals and gonads caused by sexual excitement.

Some pain is radiated from varicocele or other parts of the spermatic cord, such as radiating pain of the testis caused by ureteral calculi, which requires careful identification of the real cause for effective symptomatic treatment.
Acute testicular pain
Acute testicular pain is more common in orchitis and injury. In addition to bloody infection, orchitis is more common when bacteria retrograde through the urethra to the epididymis and testis, resulting in epididymitis and orchitis. When orchitis is complicated, the testicles swell. At the same time, there are increased body temperature, fear of cold, headache, vomiting and abdominal pain, as well as swelling testicular pain.
The epididymis and testis can be swollen and painful according to clinical observation. As for testicular injury, there can be a history of  trauma and local swelling and congestion. Vigorous exercise, sexual affairs and violence can sometimes cause intense contraction of the testicular muscle, which can twist the testicles with excessive laceration and cause severe pain of the testicles. Because testicular torsion blocked testicular blood supply, testicular pain appears in addition with scrotal cyst and skin edema. 
Treatment of orchitis
Because of the side effects of antibiotics, safety and non-side effects has become the prior concern for many patients. For example, natural herbal medicine has gained popularity. One of them, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a TCM formula, can help patients to regulate internal environment, balance Qi and blood, improve immunity, thereby eliminating the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

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