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Diagnosis of Orchitis

To diagnose orchitis, doctors usually need to do some physical examinations, mainly to check the lymph nodes in the groin area and the testicles on the affected side for swelling and tenderness. Doctors may also need digital rectal examinations to confirm whether the prostate is swollen and tender, and blood and urine tests to see if there are signs of infection and other abnormalities.
In addition, doctors often do other tests to determine if you have sexually transmitted diseases at the same time and if there is any testicular torsion that needs urgent treatment. These checks include:
Screening for sexually transmitted diseases
The test requires the collection of urethral secretions; the doctor will insert a small swab into the tip of the penis to obtain a sample and then observes it under the microscope or bacterial culture to see if there are gonococcus and chlamydia.
Ultrasound imaging
This test can be used to rule out testicular torsion and to check for increased blood flow in the testicles, and the latter can help to determine the diagnosis of orchitis. It can accurately judge the size, shape, and occurrence of the testis, and detect endocrine abnormalities, infectious factors, immune factors, chromosome abnormalities, or nutritional factors.
Testicular nuclide imaging
It can also be used to rule out testicular torsion, which requires a small amount of radioactive contrast agent injected into the vein and then imaging with a special imaging instrument. If testicular blood flow is found to be decreased, testicular torsion may be indicated, and if blood flow is increased, testicular inflammation may be indicated.

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