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How to Avoid Orchitis Caused by Mumps?

Mumps is a common respiratory infectious disease in preschool and school-age children. It is usually transmitted by mumps virus through salivary droplets. This disease has a certain incubation period, such as a cold or swelling of the parotid gland, leading to local pain. Sometimes it can also lead to scrotum swelling and pain, cause mumps orchitis is mumps with orchitis, so how can mumps prevent orchitis?
Although mumps is a self-healing disease, if you don't have a good rest and medication, you will stay up late as before, resulting in a decrease in resistance, which may lead to testicular atrophy, loss of spermatogenic function or even azoospermia. Testicular atrophy caused by mumps virus can lead to infertility, and it is difficult to recover with drug treatment.
Therefore, we should take preventive measures:
1. In winter and spring, mumps is frequent. At this time, we should try to avoid crowded places;

2. Injection of mumps virus vaccine in childhood can greatly reduce the incidence of mumps;
3. If mumps complicated with orchitis has occurred, a small number of glucocorticoids can be given early. If the symptoms are not improved, interferon and gamma globulin injection can be considered to improve immunity;
4. Actively communicate and comfort with patients, eliminate psychological concerns, and maintain a good attitude;

5. Pay attention to the diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, increase the intake of vitamin C and other components, which can improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability. And in order to avoid the further spread and aggravation of inflammation and the increase of secretion in the inflammatory site, spicy and irritating food should be avoided as far as possible.

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