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Drug Treatment for Orchitis(2)

The course of the disease is long, and long-term follow-up is needed after treatment. Different causes of orchitis, different treatment, the prognosis is also different. The return period of Chlamydia is 6 months, gonococcus is 2 months, Mycoplasma in the genital tract is 3 months, and the rest of the remaining pathogens are usually 2 months.
If the symptoms of the patients do not improve significantly after 3 days of treatment, clinical evaluation and diagnosis should be carried out again to adjust the treatment plan and exclude the possibility of a testicular abscess, testicular necrosis, epididymal testicular tumor. If necessary, surgical exploration can be carried out.

For gonococcal orchitis, bacterial culture should be carried out again within 3 days after treatment. Within 2 weeks, we need to evaluate the compliance of patients with treatment, whether the symptoms improve or not, and the partner informed us that if the symptoms of patients do not improve, re clinical analysis is needed.
The nucleic acid amplification test should be carried out again 2 weeks after the treatment of gonococcal orchitis. If it is secondary to chlamydia or mycoplasma infection, it should be rechecked within 4 weeks after treatment.
All patients with confirmed or suspected STIs need blood sampling to screen for STIs.
All patients with urinary tract infections should go to the urology department for a consultation so as to eliminate the structural abnormality and obstruction of the urinary tract.

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