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How to Judge the Testicular Health by Oneself
Self-judgement of testicles status is generally easy, mainly through touch of hand. Standing position should be taken during the examination. Indoor temperature should be appropriate and not too cold. Otherwise, due to the contraction of scrotum and testicular muscle, testis will be raised and not easy to touch clearly.

First of all, we should pay attention to the shape. Normally oval, there is a small protuberance above the back of the testis, which is where the epididymis is connected with the vas deferens. The surface is flat and smooth. It has a slippery feeling. It is easy to slip out of the hand when it is held in the hand. Medium hardness, toughness, mild pain and soreness when squeezed slightly. The testicles on both sides are not necessarily large, but the difference is not great.

It can be measured by comparison. The testicles are squeezed under the scrotum skin by hand to show the outline of the testicles, and then cut or kneaded into oval pieces about the size of their testicles with potatoes, radishes or rubber mud.

Firstly, the calibrated measuring cylinder is injected with a certain amount of water, and then the small pieces are immersed in the water. The volume of the "testicles" rises after the water surface rises. At present, some hospitals also have a ready-made testicular measuring device for measuring "testicular" volume, which is testicular-hard objects of different sizes, labeled 1-25 according to their sizes, and the different sizes of testicular measuring devices are selected to compare with "testicular" volume, which is easier to be done.

When touching, attention should also be paid to whether each scrotum has a cryptorchidism or polyrchidism (polyrchidism is extremely rare); whether there is hydrocele or not, sometimes it is mistaken to think that hydrocele is more than one testicle. In case of the above situation one should consult a doctor, do not jump to conclusions.

How is the standard of male testis stipulated? If it is found that the testicle surface is rough, or the texture is too hard, too soft, or there is local hardening, or the tenderness of the whole testicle is obvious, or the hardening part has obvious tenderness, or the feeling of tenderness is minimal, or even numbness, which are abnormal phenomena, you should see a doctor.

What are the symptoms of orchitis?

1. Scrotal changes: Men with orchitis also have abnormal changes in scrotal skin. Usually it is accompanied by the male scrotum skin redness and swelling, peeling and so on.

2. Mumps inflammatory orchitis: If a man suffers from mumps inflammatory orchitis, mostly due to viral infection, it will cause male parotid swelling and pain.

3. Systemic reactions: If a man suffers from orchitis, there will be systemic toxic reactions, such as high fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

4. Testicular abnormalities: Experts say that men with orchitis tend to havetesticular swelling and tenderness. Moreover, if it is purulent orchitis, there is a fluctuant sensation of pus when touched.

5. Testicular discomfort: Men suffering from orchitis can have testicular discomfort. Testicular pain is common, but it can also cause radiative pain in the groin, scrotum and thigh root.

Natural Treatment of orchitis

Compare to antibiotics, pure natural formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more suitable for patients who do not want harm to their liver and kidney but want a permanent cure instead. This TCM prescription has the overall effect of clearing heat and detoxification, sterilization and detumescence, without drug resistance or side effects, along with Dr.Lee TCM Clinic's diet plan, patients can get radical cure after taking the medicine for one to three months.
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