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Types of Orchitis with Distinctive Symptoms and Treatments
Classification of orchitis
1. Chronic nonspecific orchitis
Chronic nonspecific orchitis is mostly caused by incomplete treatment of nonspecific acute orchitis, in addition to which this condition can also be induced by mycotic, spirochetal, and parasitic infections. Testicular inflammation and destruction of testicular tissue can also occur with local or systemic radioisotope phosphorus irradiation of the testis.

2. Acute nonspecific orchitis
Acute nonspecific orchitis often occurs in patients with urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis and long-term indwelling urinary catheter. The route of infection of this orchitis is very special. Generally, the infection will spread to epididymis through lymph or vas deferens, causing epididymo-orchitis. The common pathogens of acute nonspecific orchitis are Escherichia coli, Proteus spp., and Staphylococcus spp. These bacteria progressively spread to the testes through the blood, setting off inflammation in testis of the patients.

3. Acute mumps orchitis
Mumps is the most common cause of orchitis, and according to clinical data, about 20 percent of mumps patients have a predisposition to orchitis.
The treatments of orchitis
1. Bacterial orchitis
The treatment of bacterial orchitis is relatively simple, along with the use of antibiotics, patients need to stay in bed and try to keep the scrotum upward. Local hot compress may be applied if necessary. When scrotal skin swelling is evident, a wet compress with a solution of approximately 50% magnesium sulfate may be used to relieve inflammation (note here that magnesium sulfate solution is preferably a hot compress to reduce irritation of the lesion), and if the pain is too severe, the spermatic cord may be closed with an analgesic.

2. Chronic nonspecific orchitis
Bilateral chronic orchitis often causes infertility, and treatment is directed primarily at the etiology of chronic orchitis. There is a need to check sperm example, that is, a full set of semen examination, as well as the reproductive system B ultrasound, for a more accurate diagnosis. Although warm compress and a series of selection of antibiotics are commonly used, natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill brings more with zero side effects, zero drug resistance, and an ultimate recovery with enhanced immunity and self-healing ability, and a restored male sexuality too.

These make it different from the features of antibiotics, and at the same time, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is good at eliminating inflammatory pain, promoting the body's virus and waste metabolism, thus toxins flow out through the urine and excretions, and the reproductive system is repaired and blood circulation activated. And with viral cell decomposition, the body can better supply nutrients to the testis and achieve the complete cure of testicular inflammation.
3. Mumps orchitis
General antibiotics are not effective for the disease, symptomatic treatment is the main solution for the disease. Corticosteroids have been proven by its efficacy in convalescent patients by a large number of clinical cases. Generally speaking, it is always necessary to use antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate swelling and pain. In severe cases, it may require infusion therapy. However, if the effect is not significant after repeated antibiotic treatment, it is suggested that you could change to natural medicine instead.
In conclusion, bilateral lesions of acute orchitis can lead to irreversible destruction on spermatogenesis and even testicular atrophy, which can lead to infertility. Therefore, if the relevant symptoms occur, medical diagnosis should be done timely, to avoid delay and more serious consequences.
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