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Bigger Testicles, Stronger Fertility?
Testicles are the place where sperm is produced, and many men worry that if their testicles are not large enough, it will lead to a reduction in sperm production, which will affect fertility. In this regard, experts said that the size of testicles has a range. If the size of the testicles of healthy adult males is in the normal range will not affect fertility.
Size within the normal range does not affect fertility
Reproductive experts say that too small testicles can impair the spermatogenic function of testicles. Fewer or no sperms may result in loss of fertility. The size of the normal testis is not the same on both sides. According to statistics, the right side is slightly larger than the left side. As long as the size of both sides is within the normal range, it will not affect fertility.

Influences of Different Sizes of Testicles on Fertility
If one side is small and the other side is normal, the fertility may be low, but it is still fertile. When one side is too large or too small, it is necessary to consider whether there is a disease. You should be checked and treated in time.
Some people grow up with testicles with different sizes and soft texture, while the difference of contralateral compensatory hyperplasia is very obvious, this is congenital testicular dysplasia. Injury on one side of the testis can also cause a large or small testis, resulting in intratesticular hemorrhage and hematoma, leading to the insufficient testicular blood supply. 
Then there may be testicles atrophy, one side is smaller than the other side. Some children with mumps accompanied by orchitis, virus damage testicular seminiferous duct epithelial cells, causing testicular atrophy on one side. 
If the testicles on both sides have been symmetrical in the past, and suddenly there is a marked increase in one side, accompanied by fever and local pain, it may be orchitis or epididymitis.

Most testis with bigger sizes are caused by diseases, such as hydrocele of the testicular sheath, testicular tumors, epididymal tuberculosis, and so on. If these diseases are not treated in time, the quality of sperm and semen will be poor, affecting fertility. Patients can achieve a good therapeutic effect through taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
The formula contains natural herbs such as plantain seed, dianthus superbus, houttuynia, angelica and so on. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting qi and relieving pain. It can also help patients improve their immunity and treat diseases such as orchitis and epididymitis fundamentally.
How to judge whether the testicular size is normal
Testicle size is related to men’s age. In children before 12 years old, the testicle is in a relatively static period with a general volume of 1-4 ml. In boys after 12 years old, the testicle volume increases rapidly as they enter puberty. The testicular volume of adult males ranges from 16 to 25 ml, with an average of 19.8 ml. After 60 years of age, the testicular volume gradually decreased, and after 70 years of age, the testicular volume shrank to less than 16 milliliters. 
If the volume of testicles on both sides of an adult male is less than 10 ml, it is small testicles, which may cause sexual dysfunction or male infertility.

Normal testicular morphology
The normal testis should be smooth on the surface with full texture, and there is no tenderness, and a clear boundary with epididymis. If the testis is found to be enlarged in a short time without tenderness, it may be testicular cancer. If the testis is painful under the touch, it may indicate inflammation of the testis. If the scrotum is enlarged and the testis and epididymis cannot be touched, it may be hydrocele(fluid accumulation in the scrotum). If the epididymis is painful and swollen, There may be pathological changes.
Be on guard against scrotal and testicular tumescence
If there is a heavy feeling or pain in your scrotum or testicle, and the symptoms will be worse when standing for a long time and walking for a long time. If the symptoms are relieved or disappeared when lying down, it may be varicocele. Typical varicoceles can see twisted and dilated veins beneath scrotal skin. Or when touched by hand, vermicular dilated blood vessels can be sensed. 

Primary varicocele can be reduced or disappeared after lying down. If the symptoms do not improve in the supine state, it may be the compression of tumors and other lesions. Once the above symptoms appear, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.
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