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Can Orchitis Cause Sexual Dysfunction?
The testis has secretion function, and the hormones in the body are all directly related to the testis. Generally speaking, orchitis does not cause erectile dysfunction, but when the condition is severe to a certain extent, it will affect the hormone synthesis of the testis.

If the male hormone is deficient, the sexual desire will be significantly reduced, which may cause the quality of erectile decline. If the hormone secretion in the body is out of balance, it will have an impact on the sexual function of men, which may lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
In addition, testis also has a reproductive function, in which sperm production and ejaculation are performed. If there is inflammation in the testicle, it is likely that there will be abnormalities in the prostate and seminal vesicle. All organs of men are closely connected. If there is an abnormality in the penis tissue or in the blood and connected tissues that affect the penis, the function of the penis will also be affected, resulting in erectile dysfunction.
Can orchitis cause sexual dysfunction? Yes. If there is an acute attack in the testis, or if the testis is stimulated by inflammation for a long time without treatment, painful sexual intercourse will occur. When males are sexually excited, the blood vessels will continue to be congested, which can cause severe pain to the inflamed testicles, and it will last for some time, which will inevitably affect the quality of sexual life. 

Besides, long-term sexual intercourse pain will make the patients feel scared, stressed for a long time. And that can cause resistance to sex, sexual dysfunction, and other disorders of sexual function.
In addition, orchitis can also induce varicocele, urinary tract infection, and other diseases. When it aggravates to a certain extent, it can also affect the quality and vitality of sperm, resulting in male infertility. Therefore, in order to live a healthy life, patients must pay attention to treatment. During the treatment, in order to ensure the treatment effect and reduce the recurrence rate, patients should also pay attention to the following related matters:
1. Patients with acute Orchitis should carry out anti-inflammatory work. During treatment, it is forbidden to have sex or masturbate, so as not to affect the recovery.
2. Keep enough sleep, avoid staying up late, or excessive fatigue; it is advised to wear loose and breathable underwear instead of airtight jeans.

3. The diet should be light and nutritious, and the food rich in protein and cellulose should be eaten more than the stimulating food such as greasy and spicy.
4. Do not stand and sit for a long time, and exercise appropriately at the same time to enhance immunity.
In conclusion, if orchitis is not treated in time, it will lead to sexual dysfunction, but there are many causes of orchitis, such as urethral stricture, prostatic hyperplasia, and other diseases. If patients want to get rid of the harm of this disease completely, they must go to the hospital for further examination. 
After the cause and disease are confirmed, they will receive targeted treatment. The treatment of orchitis should be different according to the various pathogens. If orchitis is caused by E.coli and other bacteria, it should be treated with sensitive bacteria. 

The treatment should be standardized. In principle, it should be given intravenously first and then orally. Do not abuse antibiotics or stop drugs at will. If the pathogen is a virus and the antibiotic treatment is ineffective, antiviral treatment such as interferon can be given. 
In addition, the general treatment also includes bed rest, no strenuous exercise, the elevation of the scrotum, oral analgesic tablets in case of severe pain, glucocorticoid should be used in case of severe inflammation to reduce the damage of inflammation to testicular function. Not all orchitis should be treated with antibacterials and should be selected according to the actual situation of patients.
In order to avoid drug resistance and side effects, patients can also choose the Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with the efficacy of clearing away heat and toxin, killing bacteria and diminishing inflammation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can be widely used for sterilization and has an effect on Chlamydia and mycoplasma infection. In addition, it also has an important role in eliminating testicular swelling, scrotal distention pain caused by orchitis.

Normally, it is not necessary to receive surgical treatment. When the patients are treated with strict conservative treatment, and the remission is not obvious, surgical treatment should be considered. In addition, when testitis develops into a serious testicular abscess, surgical treatment should also be considered when there is no obvious improvement in antibacterial treatment. 

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