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Clinical Symptoms of Orchitis

Orchitis can be divided into traumatic orchitis, bacterial orchitis, tuberculous orchitis, and viral orchitis. According to different etiology, there are different symptoms in the clinic.
Bacterial orchitis
In the clinic, bacterial orchitis is the most common. The patients often have testicular swelling and pain. Acute orchitis patients often have high fever. The primary focus is not the testicle itself, which is mostly affected by acute epididymitis. Therefore, patients may have swelling and pain on the same side epididymis at the same time.
The enlargement and tenderness of the same side spermatic cord may occur, which may radiate to the same side groin area or even the waist on the same side. If the treatment is not timely, it can often be suppurative. In addition to local symptoms, patients often have systemic symptoms such as high fever, chills, and so on.
Traumatic orchitis
As the name suggests, most of them are caused by trauma. In addition to the swelling and pain of testicles, severe cases can lead to rupture, atrophy of testicles, or death of patients.
Tuberculous orchitis
It is due to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Most of the patients have a history of tuberculosis outside the reproductive system. Tuberculosis is the most common one. The onset of the disease mainly starts from the epididymis, and epididymal tuberculosis occurs first, but most the patients have no pain.
A local abscess caused by tuberculosis infection is a common symptom, and the wound is difficult to be healed after rupture. Conventional antibiotics treatment is ineffective, and regular anti-tuberculosis treatment is needed.
Viral orchitis
It is a common complication of mumps in children, mostly caused by mumps virus and mainly transmitted by blood. Before the onset of the disease, patients had a history of parotid gland enlargement, followed by testicular enlargement and pain, which may be accompanied by radiation pain in the scrotum, thigh root and groin area, but generally without suppuration.
Patients may have testicular atrophy in varying degrees. Mumps virus can cause testicular spermatogenic cells to lose spermatogenic function, which can cause male reproductive dysfunction. Some patients may have azoospermia and lose reproductive function.
Tips: No matter what causes the swelling and pain of the testis, it should be diagnosed and treated in time.
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