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Causes for Recurrent Orchitis

When the male suffers from orchitis, there will be pain, suppuration, high fever and swelling, and other uncomfortable symptoms. In the face of this situation, many patients will immediately take treatment measures so that the orchitis can be gradually eliminated.
However, some patients with orchitis are always repeated, making them miserable. At this time, understanding the causes of recurrent orchitis in detail is the key to cure for orchitis completely.
1. Affected by complications
If the condition is repeated, there will be long-term inflammatory damage, which will cause damage, fibrosis, deformation to urinary mucosa, renal pelvis, and calyces, urinary obstruction can have serious impact on the drainage of normal urine, affecting the treatment of orchitis, making the previous drug treatment effect poor, thus increasing the difficulty in treatment.
2. Hidden infection
Because the pathogenic bacteria are hidden in the deep layer of the tissue and are located in the testicular crypt, paratesticular gland, and other parts, it is difficult for the drug to kill the pathogenic bacteria, so it leaves a hidden danger to the recovery. At the same time, acute orchitis may be accompanied by prostatitis. Therefore, even if orchitis is cured, it can still be repeated due to infection from the prostate.
3. Latent infection
After being treated with antibiotics, due to the defects of efficacy and treatment, some bacteria will enter the state of latent infection. Factors such as drinking, tiredness, and mental tension will make the latent pathogenic bacteria multiply, resulting in symptoms, i.e., recurrent orchitis.

4. Poor immunity
Some patients will have poor immunity. If they are combined with diabetes, tumor, liver disease, malnutrition, or other chronic diseases, the recurrence rate will be higher, which also causes many difficulties in the treatment of orchitis. Therefore, patients in rehabilitation should pay attention to enhancing immunity so as to prevent the recurrence of orchitis effectively.
5. Drug resistance
Some patients don't pay attention to orchitis when it just happened. They usually buy some drugs in the drug store to eliminate the inflammation. However, it is very easy for patients to take improper drugs, resulting in the destruction of the internal environment of the body, and the bacteria in the body also produce drug resistance.
In this case, even if patients take regular treatment, recurrence still can not be avoided. Therefore, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be chosen for the patients with poor effects on conventional drugs.
This pill can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, turn mycoplasma, chlamydia into negative, and it also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, promoting urination. Therefore, it can effectively treat chronic orchitis and help patients improve the environment of the reproductive system so as to achieve the goal of a complete cure. Patients with severe testicular pain can also receive sedated and analgetic treatment.
Tips: After confirming the risk factors causing the recurrence, patients should actively improve the body's resistance to disease, adopt scientific and effective treatment methods, and persist in receiving consolidation treatment like taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill after the symptoms are eliminated.

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