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Can Corydalis Treat Orchitis?

Corydalis is one of the most widely used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine; it is often found in China, Japan and Siberia. The main chemical components of Corydalis are alkaloids. In recent years, many scholars around the world have reported the academic research on the biological activity and drug efficacy of Corydalis, some of which have been studied and applied in clinical practice.
The study found that Corydalis can effectively reduce pain. The team extracted a compound called DHCB from the rhizome of Corydalis, and the researchers believe that this component can open up a new non-addictive way for the treatment of inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain. The study on the herbal extract was conducted by Oliver chiveley of the University of California, Irvine, and Chinese researchers.
And Corydalis is believed to have the ability to promote blood circulation, which can make people's blood stasis dissipate and quickly reduce the symptoms of pain. In the current study, scientists found that dehydrocoryzanine can release more dopamine and receptor binding to reduce pain, and has the effect of reducing inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain. (This study was conducted in rodents.)
In fact, as a herb, Corydalis is often used to relieve inflammatory pain in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), which can effectively relieve scrotal and testicular pain for orchitis patients. In addition, unlike other analgesics, dehydrocoryzanine does not cause tolerance in the body after continuous use, which means that this treatment will not lead to drug dependence. 

In addition, Corydalis has an obvious hemostatic effect, which can treat the blood in urine caused by orchitis accompanied by urinary tract infection or other diseases.

Corydalis can be taken as a supplement, although various types of Corydalis preparations can be purchased online now, civelli and Liang Xinmiao said that DHCB is not ready. Further testing of toxicity is needed before doctors consider treating patients with it as prescriptions.
If patients want to get a cure, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be a wise choice, which is invented by Dr. Lee on the basis of TCM theory and her 30 years of clinical experience. Its formula not only contains Corydalis but also more than 50 varieties of ingredients such as the peach kernel, safflower, Polygonum aviculare, plantain, Houttuynia cordata which has been made in reasonable compatibility.
Therefore, it can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens, and also can effectively eliminate the local swelling and pain in patients with orchitis. It also has a very good relieving effect on other urogenital system diseases caused by orchitis.

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