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How Does Chamomile Treat Orchitis?

Chamomile belongs to the daisy family, originated in Europe and Western Asia. Medical uses of chamomile can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Lola and Greece, and it was used as herbal medicine to treat various diseases at that time. Natural medicine is a typical method to deal with and utilize plants and their essential diseases. The essential oil made from chamomile is also a very popular health supplement.
The main antioxidants extracted from Chamomile flowers are terpene antioxidants, including acetylene derivatives. Because these delicate compounds are unstable, they are considered to be the best preserved in the form of essential oil. Other major components of flowers include several phenolic compounds, mainly flavonoids, including apigenin, quercetin, and various glucosides.
These compounds reduce inflammation by fighting free radical damage and preventing cell mutations. It can also help improve jaundice and genitourinary tract abnormalities and persistent infection. In addition, chamomile can stimulate the production of white blood cells, further inhibit the activities of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, and Candida albicans, enhance the immune system, and fight against anemia.
Chamomile is sometimes called herbal aspirin because it's a home remedy that has reduced pain for centuries. Flower of Chamomile can be used alone or in combination with other anti-inflammatory foods to reduce pain, congestion, swelling and redness.
They can effectively reduce facial swelling, skin allergies, toothache, pain caused by infection and potential problems of inflammation. This is the reason why chamomile extract is usually added to beauty products such as the face or body lotion, toothpaste and bath soap.

Chamomile is one of the mildest essential oils. Although it is rare to be allergic to chamomile, if it is allergic to composite plants such as ragweed and chrysanthemum, it may still cause potential reactions such as rash or respiratory problems.
In order to treat orchitis safely and effectively, patients can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is made by Dr. Lee on the basis of the ancient herbal formula, so it will not cause any side effects on the human body, and can effectively kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory.
Patients with orchitis also have swelling of testis and epididymis caused by inflammatory stimulation, tissue fibrosis, calcification, heavy feeling, and pain, so Dr. Lee also used safflower and other herbs with the effect of promoting blood circulation to soften the knots, and promoting Qi to relieve pain. At the same time of treatment, it can enhance the immunity of patients, so as to effectively prevent a recurrence.

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