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Notice Common Causes Of Orchitis And Three Tips Help You Avert It
Testicle is a male organ, which plays a vital role in male reproductive function. If there is a problem with testicles, it will have a huge impact on the male reproductive system and physical status. The testicles, on the other hand, are rich in blood vessels and tissues, which are vulnerable to infection from the outside, known as orchitis.
What are the causes of inducing orchitis?

1. Bacterial infection
The invasion of pathogenic bacteria is one of the main reasons leading to orchitis. The common ones are E-coli, staphylococcus and so forth. When these bacteria invade into the urinary system, they can cause the relevant urinary system inflammations, and the continued development of these inflammations will further cause orchitis through the vas deferens or lymphatic system.
2. Weakened immune system
When the body immune system is weakened, local resistance to outside stimuli will go down as well. As a result, the orchitis often appears in the symptoms of mumps and tonsillitis. In a systemic infection, viruses and bacteria can easily enter the testicles through the circulatory system and cause orchitis. If their immunity is low at this time, the probability of developing orchitis can be increased greatly.
3. Acute symptoms
Orchitis usually develops into chronic inflammatory disease. For a variety of reasons, the acute symptoms of orchitis are not completely treated, and it will relapse easily and as time passes, chronic orchitis will come to the fore.
To treat orchitis, especially chronic orchitis, sticking to the treatment and getting completely cured are important. Commonly, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great option for chronic inflammations, which can effectively relieve symptoms and dispel inflammation. For the chronic symptoms, patients are suggested to take this pill for about one to three months. Meanwhile, there are 3 tips should be noticed during the treatment. And in daily life, these suggestions can also be helpful for average people to avert orchitis.
1. Keep clean and hygienic
Make cleaning and hygiene measures can effectively prevent impurity elements or infection that can cause orchitis. It is a method of protecting the testicles from the root. In daily life, many male friends don't clean their genitals every day, which is easy to cause the growth of bacteria. So daily cleaning is necessary and beneficial.
2. Avoid overindulgence in sexual life
Proper sexual life of husband and wife is normal, which can not only bring physical and mental pleasure, but also adjust the body spirit. But if you indulge in sexual life too much, long-time genital congestion can cause sexual function to drop down, which will further induce infection due to the decline of body resistance. Besides orchitis, it can also easily cause prostatitis, prostate gland enlargement and even infertility.
3. Keep underclothes loose and comfortable
The comfort level of clothing on the genital area is important. In daily living, loose and comfortable clothing can avoid the continuous burden on the private area. In hot weather, this is a necessary thing. In terms of risk factors, looser clothing can prevent local moisture, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and help men maintain long-term health. Additionally, taking a regular shower and frequently washing the clothes are also of great help.
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