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There Are Three Diagnostic Criteria For Acute Orchitis
Acute orchitis usually occurs in adult males. Identifying and treating the disease in time can prevent more unnecessary problems.
Generally speaking, there are three diagnostic criteria for acute orchitis.

three diagnostic criteria for acute orchitis
1. Physical signs: It features symptoms of mumps or other acute infectious diseases. One or both testis are enlarged with marked tenderness. The boundary with the epididymis may become not clear. Sometimes it is secondary to acute testicular hydrocele.
2. Laboratory examination: Blood leukocyte being increased, urination routine test being normal or with protein occasionally. Mumps has a certain damage to kidney function, so the special virus can be found in the urine.
3. According to the clinical manifestations and signs, laboratory examination can make a definite diagnosis. However, it still needs to be differentiated from acute epididymitis clinically.
Traditional treatments for orchitis include antibiotics, analgesics, and surgical drainage, all of which have their own pros and cons.
On the one hand, antibiotics and analgesics can only relieve the pain temporarily, which are just the palliative treatment. If you take antibiotics for a long period of time, it will easily cause bacteria to develop resistance to drugs, accompanied by many side effects on the human body.
On the other hand, because the disease often coexists with urethritis and prostatitis, both of which are more difficult to deal with. These problems can increase the difficulty of the treatment of orchitis. Particularly to those with recurrent chronic orchitis, a vasectomy or testicular excision is necessary, which also brings about huge risks.

Under the circumstances, more and more people choose to try the traditional Chinese medicine for a complete and safe cure. Generally, the effects of traditional Chinese medicine is to clear damp heat, detoxify, sterilize, eliminate carbuncle, activate blood and qi. One of the preferred option is the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
It is a natural medicine made from more than fifty selected herbal ingredients, and it won’t lead to side effects or drug resistance during the treatment. Due to its sufficient effects, it can better react on chronic inflammations like chronic prostatitis, chronic orchitis, and so on.
At the same time, male friends should keep good daily habits to avoid these problems from being aggravated. Inflammation is usually caused by bacteria and viruses, and these factors are often related to personal hygiene and sex. Therefore, to begin with, developing healthy personal hygiene and maintaining moderate sexual life are needed for adult males.
On the other hand, doing more exercise and eating more nutritive foods can help males build up a stronger body resistance to fight against the bacteria and viruses that may lead to the occurrence of orchitis and other inflammations. So you should keep at it. 

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