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Tips For Avoiding Orchitis -- A Good Mood Also Helps
The testis, which makes men masculine, is actually a very fragile organ. Without proper care and conditioning, the orchitis will occur in males.
Orchitis is very easy to lead to infertility. As the testis is a major organ for producing sperm, and once the testis get sick, it will cause bacteria to invade the sperm, thus making the sperm quality declined, leading to the emergence of infertility.

Also, since the testis secretes testosterone, and the level of testosterone is proportional to the sexual ability. If the orchitis occurs, it will slow down the production of testosterone and make men less capable of sexual intercourse.
In addition, male patients with orchitis are prone to pain during sexual intercourse, which in turn will make men fear sexual intercourse and cause a loss of libido.
Inflammation is contagious anyway. When orchitis is not treated in time, the inflammation is easy to spread to other adjacent organs, leading to prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, balanitis and other diseases. So when orchitis occurs, it needs to be treated in time.
Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great option for male patients with orchitis as well as other related urogenital problems. It is a natural medicine product that is safe and does not lead to any side effects on the human body. It can help males improve the self-healing ability and immunity system, making them able to fight down bacteria and viruses on their own.

After all is said and done, your enemy is not a disease, a bacteria or a virus, but you. Ask yourself, why are you sick? While he or she isn't.
That you are sick is because your inner body can not resist the bacterial invasion while the previous you can do it well. What makes you weakened?
If you can figure out the answer, now it is time to try these tips in daily life to help you better get rid of your current enemy -- orchitis.
1. Have regular sexual life.
A Regular sex life is good for male sexual ability. Doing so will prevent congestion in the sexual organs, and the ability of testis to resist disease can be improved to some extent.
2. Avoid spicy food.
Spicy food is very easy to stimulate the testicles, so it is easy to make the immunity of the testicles declined. On the contrary, if you eat more fruits and vegetables, protein and other nutrients, your whole body will also be improved.

3. Wear baggy pants.
Tight pants are many males' favorite. However, if the tight pants are worn for a long time, it will be easy to cause pressure to the testicles and raise the local temperature of the testicles, making them sick. So for the sake of the testicles health, baggy pants are advocated.
4. Keep a good mood.
You may think your mood doesn't affect your reproductive health, but actually, being in a good mood does help. People who are in a bad mood tend to forget about caring for themselves and can make their immune system weakened, making their testicles more vulnerable to bacterial attack. But if you maintain a healthy and positive attitude, no problems will bother you and you will be confident to overcome any illness.

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