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Acute orchitis usually occurs in adult males. Identifying and treating the disease in time can prevent more unnecessary problems. Generally speaking, there are three diagnostic criteria for acute orchitis....[read article]

Core tip: Men with larger testicles are also at greater risk of hospitalization for heart disease. Researchers also found that high levels of luteinizing hormone (LH)-secreted by the pituitary gland to stimulate the production of testostero...[read article]

There are some common causes of orchitis that should be noticed. Meanwhile, there are 3 tips should be noticed during the treatment. And in daily life, these suggestions can also be helpful for average people to avert orchitis....[read article]

Natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill brings more with zero side effects, zero drug resistance, and an ultimate recovery with enhanced immunity anda restored male sexuality....[read article]

Orchitis is a very common male disease in men. It is usually treated according to different situations. Most of them are conservative treatment, and they do not need to be operated completely. Acute orchitis Antimicrobial medication is the...[read article]

Medicated bath has thousands of years of history in China. Modern pharmacology has proved that medicine bath can improve the content of some immunoglobulins in the blood, enhance the elasticity and vitality of the skin. Medicated baths can...[read article]

The decline of male fertility has become a global concern. There are still many cases of azoospermia, oligospermia, deformity, and low motility sperm with unknown etiology in the clinic. The effect of orchitis on fertility has been underest...[read article]

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Sharry" I was pain-free for the first time in years! I thank Dr. Lee for her research, which is going to be of immense use to "
Erica Degay" I had a lump on my left side that would develop after my period and get bigger at the end of ovulation. Now it's gone. "
Kamal Deep" I have great improvement. I used to have pain for almost 18 days a month bt after treatment it nw 5 days only. "
Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
Rhoda Dillon" We want to thank you for everthing you have done. We sense in you a "doctor" in the "true sense" of the world. "

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