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In addition, Corydalis has an obvious hemostatic effect, which can treat the blood in urine caused by orchitis accompanied by urinary tract infection or other diseases....[read article]

In general, the results of these studies support the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of the extract from white willow bark. ...[read article]

Frankincense, one of the essential oils commonly used, can provide a variety of health benefits, including helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation, and enhance immunity....[read article]

However, some patients with orchitis are always repeated, making them miserable. At this time, understanding the causes of recurrent orchitis in detail is the key to cure for orchitis completely....[read article]

The treatment of orchitis depends on its cause: If a patient is suffering from viral orchitis, antibiotics are generally ineffective. The treatment of viral orchitis is mainly to relieve symptoms....[read article]

In addition, doctors often do other tests to determine if you have sexually transmitted diseases at the same time and if there is any testicular torsion that needs urgent treatment. These checks include:...[read article]

Orchitis can be divided into traumatic orchitis, bacterial orchitis, tuberculous orchitis, and viral orchitis. According to different etiology, there are different symptoms in the clinic....[read article]

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