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Long-term constipation can cause or aggravate rectal diseases, such as proctitis, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, etc., accompanied by insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders....[read article]

Testicular pain is not necessarily proportional to the severity of inflammation. For people who have a high degree of nerve sensitivity, mild inflammation can cause severe pain....[read article]

Standing position should be taken during the examination. Indoor temperature should be appropriate and not too cold. Otherwise, due to the contraction of scrotum and testicular muscle, testis will be raised and not easy to touch clearly....[read article]

Bacterial orchitis is mostly caused by inflammation of the adjacent epididymis, so it is also called epididymis-orchitis. Common pathogens are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Escherichia coli, etc. The virus invades the testes and presents...[read article]

The common cause of testicular inflammation is bacteria or viruses, but do you know how these bacteria or viruses quietly cause testicular inflammation?...[read article]

Testicular pain is a common symptom of mens health condition. When testicular pain occurs, it can be quite worrying. Except for trauma or other physical damage, testicular pain, especially persistent pain which doesnt go away on its own....[read article]

In clinic, testicle plays a crucial role in the reproductive process for men; it can be said that only having normal testicular function can complete fertility. However, testes disease is the common disease for men, such as orchitis. ...[read article]

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Sharry" I was pain-free for the first time in years! I thank Dr. Lee for her research, which is going to be of immense use to "
Erica Degay" I had a lump on my left side that would develop after my period and get bigger at the end of ovulation. Now it's gone. "
Kamal Deep" I have great improvement. I used to have pain for almost 18 days a month bt after treatment it nw 5 days only. "
Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
Rhoda Dillon" We want to thank you for everthing you have done. We sense in you a "doctor" in the "true sense" of the world. "

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