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Diarrhea Is a Possible Symptom That PID may Induce
PID is a common disease of women. But sometimes it is insidious and make you confused.

One day, a female patient came to visit Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic. She said that she was suffering from diarrhea these months, mainly in the menstrual period. In the previous days, she had these symptoms at times and she had ever seen the doctor, but it never be cured. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was bad. Other symptoms were watery, shapeless and smelly stools. But the test results had always shown that the defecation was normal, the same as this time’s. But at this time, it was useless to take drugs and the symptoms were not controlled.

After she took several other exams under the instruction of Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, doctors have finally found out that the patient may be suffering from PID, which makes her confused: “Would PID induce diarrhea?“

How can PID induce diarrhea?

As all we know, diarrhea is often related with gastrointestinal diseases. And sometimes it is induced by that the diseases of other organs affect the gastrointestinal tract. For example, some women have diarrhea in the prior period of menstruation, in the period of menstruation or in half a month after menstruation. At this time, it is useless to take antidiarrheal. Then we should check if it is induced by the other diseases except gastrointestinal diseases.

The reason that PID induce diarrhea is that: the uterus is located in the front of rectum. When you are infected with PID, the pelvic cavity would congest(it is more serious before menstruation). And the uterus would become softer and come closer to the rectum. Because the uterus is extruding the rectum, the rectum would be stimulated, inducing defecation. If a pregnant woman is infected with PID, the pelvic cavity and uterus would be more congestive.

This kind of diarrhea is more difficult to be diagnosed as PID. We always consider it as chronic diarrhea. If the reason of diarrhea is not clear, we should do gynecologic examination. After it is diagnosed as PID, we should accept treatment actively. Pay attention to rectify preposition of uterus. We can combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat it, and actively coordinate with the doctor. Fuyan Pill has a very good effect on curing PID. After curation of PID, the diarrhea would take a turn for the better naturally. 

If female friends have diarrhea for unknown origin, you should know that it is possible to see that PID induce diarrhea. You should have a gynecologic examination to diagnose. If we can find the reason of illness, PID is not so difficult to cure.
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