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Pelvid Fluid is Different from PID
Many women mistake PID for pelvic fluid, which makes trouble for the treatment. In fact, PID and pelvic fluid is not the same. Then, we will discuss it in detail as follows.

In clinic, we always see that some women are misdiagnosed as PID(pelvic inflammatory diseases). In fact, the morbidity of PID is not very high. However, because the pathogeny of that is complicated, the right diagnosis looks important especially. We can’t make a definite diagnosis just by the simple B ultrasonic once we find pelvic fluid. When some female friends are diagnosed as PID, they can not be cured after some courses of injection. The reason is that they have never acquired with PID.

The experts notice that, for the women older than 30 years old, they should take farther examination sometimes, such as B ultrasonic, urine routine test, sedimentation test and some other auxiliary diagnostic method, to evaluate comprehensively and make a definite diagnosis.

Because the causes of PID and pelvic fluid are various, we should confirm the pathogeny before treatment. In general, pathological pelvic fluid is often induced by PID or endometriosis. PID is always relative with the bad health habits, such as having sex in one month after menses or delivery, or taking a bath in one month after operation and so on. In addition, artificial abortion and iatrogenic inflammation induced by lax sterilization also can induce pelvic fluid.

Pelvic fluid is a common disease. But many women do no know much about this disease. Pelvic fluid can be divided into physiological pelvic fluid and pathological pelvic fluid. The former is always happening after ovulation or in the early pregnancy. It can always disappear naturally and don’t need treatment.

The causes of pelvic fluid are various. We can produce a certain volume of pelvic fluid by ourselves. And it is more evident after ovulation especially. A small volume of pelvic fluid is not enough to show the issues. We need to do farther examinations to see if there are symptoms such as abdominal pain and vaginal inflammation. And then distinguish between PID and pelvic fluid from a series of symptoms.

The traditional Chinese medicine “Fuyan pill” has an effect on clearing up "fire" and toxic materials and promoting blood and Qi circulation. Inflammation such as PID can be treated. In addition, some diseases such as pelvic fluid induced by the genital inflammation can be cured as well. And because the "Fuyan Pill" is made purely by traditional Chinese medicine, it has no side-effect on the health. you can take it trustingly.
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