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Omens of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID is the abbreviation of pelvic inflammatory disease, a common disease of gynecologic inflammation. An expert of Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM clinic says that, the inflammatory lesion is a group of infectious diseases in female genital tract, including endometriosis, annexitis, salpingitis, fallopian tube abscess and pelvic peritonitis. There are the three omens of PID:

Soreness and coldness of waist

Backache is a common symptom of women and it is also one of the omens of PID. Except for the reason of fatigue, catching a cold, strain of lumbar muscles and so on, PID is also a reason of backache. Because the PID would decrease the resistance of body, and the inflammation can invade the pelvic cavity, forming nervous reflex, then the backache is formed.

Solution: some women only feel slight soreness and weakness of waist and knees, and they don’t pay much attention to it. They would not go to the hospital until the pain is developing to a certain extent. But at this time, the treatment has been delayed already. You should use the medicine which can treat the severe inflammation, such as Fuyan Pill. It contains various herbs which can promote blood and Qi circulation. Because the doctors of traditional Chinese medicine think that pain is induced by blockage, if your blood and Qi circulation is fluent, your pain would disappear.

Pain in the lower abdomen

When it comes to the pain in the lower abdomen, many people would think of gynecologic inflammation. The pain in the lower abdomen is really one of the main expressions of PID. If you treat the acute inflammation radically, the PID can be cured once and for all. However, some patients only take medicine when the pain of lower abdomen is serious and stop taking medicine when the pain of waist is relieved, then the chronic inflammation is formed. The disease course is prolonged. The disease would relapse.

Solution: the curation of PID should be conducted under doctor’s guidance and use the western medicine which can diminish inflammation quickly. After the acute inflammation, you should take some traditional Chinese medicine to treat.

Increasing vaginal discharge

For lots of gynecological diseases, when it is existing, there always are pain of lower abdomen. Pain indicates that the ailment is quite severe. When the abdomen is cold, the vaginal fluid increases. So when the vaginal fluid increases for no reason, it always indicates that you have acquired some gynecologic inflammation such as PID.

Solution: firstly, we should keep the private parts clear, change the knickers frequently. Don’t use protection pad for long. Secondly, don’t be picky about food so as to avoid deficiency of microelement and decrease of our resistance which would be bad for recovery.

When you notice any of the omens of PID , you should take action to deal with it. You should go to the hospital to have a examination and have it treated under the doctor’s guidance.

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