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Eliminating stasis,Fuyan pill can cure the pelvic mass conservatively

Pelvic mass is commonly seen when the pelvic inflammation has delayed or improper treatment. It is also one of the most common gynecological diseases for women. For the pelvic mass treatment, most patients choose the antibiotics, and a part of them also choose the surgery. 
However, in traditional Chinese medicine, promoting blood stasis is the key to cure this kind of disease, so Chinese doctor usually choose the medicine with the function of activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis. Fuyan pill is such kind of medicine. So here, we will take a look at how fuyan pill treats pelvic mass conservatively.
A brief introduction of pelvic mass
When pelvic organs infect with some inflammation, if patients do not receive the timely treatment, the pelvic tissues then will have the histological chronic changes, which will finally lead to the occurrence of pelvic mass. The main symptoms of the disease are lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and increased vaginal discharge and so on. With the increase of the mass, the pain could also increases. Clinically, the pelvic mass is the result of the acute salpingitis. When the inflammation spread, the fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus would link together and then the disease is formed.
Having remedy according to the cases
With a clear understanding of the disease, the treatment should also be symptomatic. Firstly, to dismiss the pain and mass, blood stasis drugs are a must in traditional Chinese medicine. In the treatment, fuyan pill focuses on eliminating stasis, peach seed, flos carthami and so on in the formula are all hold the effect of activating blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, which can not only promote the flow of qi and blood, but also can enhance the local metabolism. With the help of these herbs, the pain and mass can all be completely eliminated eventually.
Combining with some other medicines in it, the symptoms of increased vaginal discharge and abdominal pain also will be cured in a short time. However, to cure the disease, the key point is to dismiss the inflammation and sterilization to eliminate the main causes of the lesion. Fuyan pill, with some detoxification drugs in it, plays the role of broad-spectrum antibiotics, which kill all kinds of pathogens like the mycoplasma, chlamydia and so on. It can change the body from the root of the causes, and help to repair the damaged tissue completely.
The conservative treatment of pelvic mass is a relatively safe treatment method at present, because it can minimize the damage without affecting the natural conception. With the treatment of fuyan pills, the disease can be cured in about three courses commonly. But for patients with larger mass, they’d better take the surgery first. After surgery, they can take fuyan pill to prevent the recurrence. 


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Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
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