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Dietary Taboos After Women Suffering From Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Women must be treated in time after suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease. Usually, they can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get the inflammation terminated, which is a great option for many female patients at home and abroad.
In addition to the scientific treatment, the daily care of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease is also extremely important. In daily life, some patients with pelvic inflammatory disease can not achieve the satisfying therapeutic result due to the improper diet. So what dietary taboos should female patients take notice of?

Dietary taboos
The diet of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should be given priority to the light foods, and they should avoid spicy and pungent foods.
Dietary taboos:
1. They should avoid tobacco and alcohol, since these stuff can cause organ congestion, thus leading to the emergence of inflammation.
2. They should avoid sweet and greasy foods, such as candy, cream, chocolate, lard, fat sheep cream and so on.
3. They should avoid some sea food, such as river shrimp, sea shrimp, fish crabs, eel and other aquatic products.
4. They should avoid spicy and fried ingredients like pepper, star anise, mustard, deep-fried stick, fried peanuts, roast mutton, fried ribs, etc.
5. They should not eat raw and cold foods such as cold drinks, cold fruits, salad, etc. Pelvic inflammatory disease is not only related to the heat, but also closely associated with blood stasis, often accompanied by a little abdominal pain and other symptoms. Cold foods can aggravate stagnation, leading to unending pain.

cold food
Besides the dietary taboos, there are many daily conditioning that can help female prevent pelvic inflammatory disease more effectively.
1. Eliminate all routes of infections. Keep the perineum clean and dry. Clean the vulva with water every night. When the pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, leucorrhea will be increased and become more sticky, so you should change underwear frequently and avoid wearing tight, chemical fiber underwear.
2. Vaginal bleeding occurs during menstruation or after an abortion, so there must be no sex, no swimming, no bath tub. You should frequently change sanitary napkins, as your body resistance drops at this time, making pathogenic bacteria easy to invade, thus causing infection.
3. Patients diagnosed with acute or sub-acute pelvic inflammatory disease should actively cooperate with the treatment according to the doctor's advice. Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease should combine work and rest, plus avoid sexual life and fatigue, in order to prevent the aggravation of pelvic symptoms.

4. Pay attention to the quantity, quality, color and odor of leucorrhea. The leucorrhea with increased quantity and smelly odor means the disease becomes worse. The leucorrhea with light yellow or white as well as the decreased quantity means you have gotten better.
5. Patients with acute or sub-acute pelvic inflammatory disease should keep the stool unblocked and observe the characteristics of the stools. If it becomes purulent, you should go see a doctor immediately, in case the pelvic abscess breaks the intestinal wall and causes acute abdominal inflammation.

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