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Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cause Diarrhea?

When inflammation occurs in female internal genitalia and its surrounding connective tissue, pelvic peritoneum, etc., it is named pelvic inflammatory disease.
Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause many physical problems, such as painful menstruation and abdominal pain. So, can it cause diarrhea?

Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause diarrhea because the uterus is located in front of the rectum. If women suffer from pelvic inflammation, uterine posterior pelvic congestion (before the pelvic congestion is heavier), it will make uterine congestion become soft, being closer to the rectum, causing pressure on sacral nerve and producing a feeling of falling.
At the moment, uterus squeezes rectum, stimulates rectum mucous membrane to contract, thus causing the urge to defecate.
This kind of condition appears more in female early menstrual period, menstruation, and when being pregnant for 40 days or so. Often, antidiarrheal drugs are ineffective. Through the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease for a period of time, inflammation disappears, diarrhea will also be cured.
If pregnant women suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic cavity and uterine congestion will become more obvious, and inflammation spreads to the rectum, it will stimulate the rectum and cause diarrhea.
Pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly as a result of the pathogen through abortion, childbirth caused by reproductive trauma or placenta stripping surface or menstrual endometrium stripping surface and genital operation of the wound surface invasion. Pathogenic bacteria can enter the vagina from the anus, vulva, up along the mucosa, through the cervix, endometrium, via the fallopian tube spreading to ovary and abdominal cavity.

Many female friends have menstrual diarrhea symptoms while they do not care about it too much. Some did not have further examination after they failed to take the drug on their own. We suggest female friends after discovering this symptom should exclude causes of diseases in time, and treat pelvic inflammatory disease actively.
Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and abdominal mass can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. Among them, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a useful option for female health. By contrast with western medicine, this herbal medicine won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance during the long-term treatment.
Some patients suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease choose to take antibiotics to solve slightly uncomfortable feeling. If you do so for a long period of time, it will lead to vaginal flora disorders, and cause increased vaginal secretions, with white-bean-dregs-like leucorrhea.
Patients diagnosed with acute or subacute pelvic inflammatory disease must follow the doctor's advice to actively undergo the treatment. Patients are supposed to rest in bed or take a semi-decubitus position, which helps to limit inflammation and discharge secretions. Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease should not be too tired, and they should combine work and rest.
Females should also control the sexual frequency. As you may not realize, most cases of pelvic inflammatory disease feature sexually active females. So if you can take good care of your sexual life and pay much attention to your personal hygiene, you will be able to avoid pelvic inflammatory disease to a certain degree.

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