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Three steps to determine the etiology of pelvic mass
As we all know, tumors and cancers, non-cancerous tumors and masses, infection, inflammatory bowel disease, past surgery, and ectopic pregnancy can be the etiologies of pelvic mass, but it is mostly difficult to find your real cause before your doctor give you some advice. The following are three steps to determine the etiology of pelvic mass.
The first step: History
Generally speaking, the complete gynecologic are obtained. Many symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain and irregular menses are ignored by patients, especially in young girls. If necessary, see if you have those symptoms or not and wonder if you have shared personal items with others. (She may suffer the pelvic inflammatory disease or any other reproductive diseases).
Having a good knowledge of history helps you rule out many possibilities, and reduce some unnecessary inspections.
The second step: examination
The second step tends to the examination after knowing the details about patients, and the complete gynecologic examinations are necessary. The examiner should look for signs of nongynecologic disorders, ascites, endometrioma, adnexal cancers, adnexal masses, hydrosalpinges, etc. 
As for the young girl, pelvic organ masses may be found easily in the abdomen by doctors while women don't because there are many factors can be considered after all.
The third step: Testing
If the disease can not be determined clinically, an imaging test can usually do to know the fact. Generally speaking, your doctor will advise you do the pelvic ultrasonography first. If necessary, another imaging test like CT, MRL may be the alternative one. 
As for the ovarian masses with radiographic characteristics of cancer, it requires needle aspiration or biopsy. Once diagnosed, the treatment will be most important thing for patients.
From the clinical cases, infection is relatively common and the greatest source of worry for patients, therefore, we may as well take the treatment methods into consideration.
As for most patients, surgery may be a good choice, what I want to stress is that not everyone is suitable for this treatment. As for the patients who have fertility requirements, you'd better take conservative treatment such as traditional Chinese medicine.
This herbal medication works to eliminate the inflammation, kill bacteria, promoting blood circulation, etc. What's more, it will help you get rid of the heavy bleeding and pain without side effects at the same time. Therefore, choosing traditional Chinese medicine like fuyan pill will bring your confidence. 
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