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Don't Mistake Cervical Erosion and Bleeding for Menstruation
Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs normally in women of child-bearing age. Every other months or so, the endometrium will undergo a period of autonomic thickening, angiogenesis, gland growth and secretion, and endometrium collapse and fall off with bleeding.

This periodic vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding phenomenon, known as menstruation.
The normal menstruation of the female can last to 49 years old or so commonly. Normal menstruation shows regular, periodic, and blood volume is moderate. It may accompanied with dysmenorrhea, vagina drop up and lack of power for a phenomenon until the end of the menstruation. Women normal menstruation not only helps maintain the balance of hormone levels in the body, but also helps remove some toxins from the body.
However, some patients can appear some situation of menstrual cycle disorder and extension, with bleeding and blood clot and peculiar smell, dysmenorrhea aggravating , and the pain in the lower abdomen and chills fever, or suddenly have menstruation after menopause . This can continue for a long time and even will have some irregular vaginal bleeding.

At this time, you must be keeping an eye, and cervical erosion bleeding may account for this kind of situation, and not normal menstruation. 
Cervical erosion is mostly contiguous bleeding, mainly caused by the erosion surface capillary rupture, such as sexual contact bleeding. Intense exercise vaginal bleeding is the most obvious situation. In addition, combined with other physical symptoms mentioned above, they can generally be distinguished from menstrual bleeding. 
The most important thing for patients with cervical is to eliminate inflammation, edema and bleeding of the cervix. It is necessary to combine drugs of complete detoxification, heating clearing, inflammation and dampness removing, and spleen strengthening and silting to intensify the decomposition of pathogens, accelerate the regeneration ability of the cervical mucosa, and make healthy tissue cells repalce erosive cells again. 
Fuyan Pill, a Chinese patent medicine, has such functions as regulating menstruation, detoxifying and nourishing the kidney while treating cervical erosion, so that female friends can have health and beauty after recovery.
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