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What Female Gynecological Diseases Are Better With TCM Treatment
Because of the pressure of living and working, the living environment and also the bad habits have caused females to suffer from various kinds of gynecological diseases that are recurrent and difficult to cure. ( UL Physicians has more details on General Obstetrics & Gynecology )

Recently, nine of the ten women suffer from gynecological diseases, which also have a lot to do with their lack of personal hygiene, frequent sex and poor eating habits. Of course, there are many gynecological diseases that can be conditioned by Traditional Chinese medicine.

Here are some situations that females should pay attention to:

1. Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. When a woman suffers from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, there will be concealed pain or waist ache in the lower abdomen, especially during menstruation, which will aggravate the ache feeling, increase the menstrual flow, prolong menstruation and even cause to infertility. At this time, Traditional Chinese medicine or oral natural herbal medication can be the rational choice.

2. Recurrent miscarriage. Recurrent abortion mainly refers to the female pregnancy in less than 28 weeks, and the fetus is naturally born. If it appears more than twice in a row, it is called a recurrent miscarriage. This kind of patient can take the method of benefiting vital energy and reinforcing the kidney and through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the care of the body, this treatment is safe for both the mother and the fetus.

3. Functional uterine bleeding. Functional uterine bleeding mainly refers to irregular haemorrhage in women, which is usually caused by dysfunction of the ovaries. TCM believes that it mainly caused by women's physical deficiencies, and blood stasis, etc., Natural herbal medicine can be used to regulate female sex hormones, thereby alleviating the problem of functional uterine bleeding.

4. Irregular menstruation. Women's irregular menstruation mainly refers to the shorter or longer menstrual cycle, the abnormal amount of menstrual bleeding, the abnormal color of menstrual blood, and the abnormal odor of menstrual blood. TCM formula mainly treats patients according to their individual conditions.

5. Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea mainly refers to the pain of the lower abdomen during the menstrual period. In severe cases, nausea and vomiting may occur, and even fainting, these may seriously affect daily work and life. Patients can be relieved by taking antipyretic and analgesic medications, but will relapse after stopping this medication. Chinese medicine can take the effect of reinforcing the kidney and removing blood stasis to regulate, and generally achieve satisfactory results.

6. Menopausal syndrome. Menopausal syndrome is usually happening among middle-aged people over 50 years old, mainly due to a symptom caused by endocrine disorders. Patients may have facial flushing, grumpy, amenorrhoea, night sweats and other symptoms. Through the natural herbal medicine to supplement the kidney and blood of women, so as to achieve the goal of safe passage of menopause.

If women have the above gynecological diseases, they can choose TCM formula for conditioning, but they must choose a qualified medical institution to prevent the misuse of drugs, which could increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can treat all kinds of gynecological diseases without producing drug resistance. However, when taking it, patients must also pay attention to the habits in life. Do not stay up all night, and have good personal hygiene, proper control of sexual activities, and avoid unsafe sexual contacts.
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