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The Reasons Why Women Could be "Trapped" By Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pelvic inflammation is mainly caused by pathogenic bacteria infection, it is easy to induce PID if not paying attention to daily habits. Sedentary inactivity will increase the incidence of PID, women need to take exercise often, adhere to exercise can promote pelvic blood circulation, enhance immune function, however bad habits will lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

3 bad habits which can trigger pelvic inflammation

1. Sedentary inactivity will increase the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease. Women usually have to strengthen physical fitness by exercise. Taking time to exercise can enhance the body's resistance to disease, can reduce the incidence of PID, female white-collar workers are among the high incidence of pelvic illnesses, it is mainly caused by prolonged sedentary inactivity, therefore, women need to correct the habit of inactivity.

2. Insufficient amount of water drinking is easy to induce pelvic inflammatory disease. Not enough drinking of water will affect the normal metabolic function of the human body, and will increase the chance of infection of pathogenic bacteria, while drinking adequate amount of water can promote human metabolism, supplement cell moisture content, which can prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases. If one does not love to drink water, then she are more likely to get pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Premature sexual life after childbirth is easy to induce pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly caused by unclean sexual behavior, women should not only pay attention to the hygiene during sex, but also to avoid the life with multiple sexual partners, too many sexual partners will increase the incidence of gynecological diseases, women should pay attention to genital cleaning before and after intercourse.

How to prevent the onset of pelvic inflammatory disease

1. Keep the perineum clean and dry, clean the vulva with clean water every night, try to use a special towel to wash the vagina by hand, and do not use hot water to scald the vulva, otherwise it will cause irritation to the vulva skin, it is best to understand the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, and develop a good habit of changing underwear often.

2. Strike a balance of work and rest, to avoid excessive fatigue, and have an appropriate control of the frequency of sexual life, so as not to aggravate the patient's condition. Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease will appear abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea, and will also appear menstrual disorders, if one has these abnormal conditions, it is best for her to go to the hospital to do the corresponding examination, which is regular gynecological examination.

3. Pay attention to diet, strengthen physical fitness, increase the intake of various trace elements, eat less spicy and greasy food, drink brown sugar and ginger soup often, it can promote human metabolism, which plays a role in warming up the body, and effectively alleviate the problem of anemia. Women should avoid early resumption of sexual life after delivery.

In addition, for women who have developed pelvic inflammatory disease, it is recommended to take Fuyan Pill for timely treatment. The detoxification, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, invigorate the spleen and clear up dampness all at the same time.

The treatment of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis not only aims at the omnidirectional treatment of congestion and edema in the wall of the tube, but also it takes into account the absorption and discharge of inflammatory exudates and removes the substances that cause the body's immune response, so that the female pelvic environment reaches the optimal state.
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