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6 Major Causes of Uterine Hypertrophy
The womb is a very important reproductive organ for female friends. Uterine hypertrophy (Uterine Enlargement) is a very common female uterine disease. It can bring very serious impact and harm to the health of women. There are many causes for uterine hypertrophy, so what do we know about the major causes?
Causes of Uterine Hypertrophy 
1. Uterine dysfunction: 
(1) In the maternal myometrium, elastic fibrous tissue proliferates between smooth muscles and around blood vessels, resulting in hypertrophy of the uterus. 
(2) Uterine hypertrophy due to primary uterine vasculopathy. 

2. Ovarian dysfunction: Because of ovarian dysfunction, resulting in excessive secretion of estrogen, so that the myometrium is stimulated for a long time and appear thickened. Patients with dysfunctional uterine experience irregular bleeding, especially those with longer disease duration, they could have different degrees of uterine enlargement. 
3. Inflammation: Chronic adnexitis, pelvic connective tissue inflammation and chronic myositis of the uterus, causing collagen fibrosis in the myometrium and fibrosis of the uterus. 
4. Pathogens: Pathogens are also one of the causes of uterine hypertrophy, and in general, pathogens that cause uterine hypertrophy are mycoplasma, bacteria, chlamydia, and viruses. 

5. Estrogen: Long-term of Estrogen stimulation can make myometrium hypertrophy, clinically patients with functional uterine bleeding will have varying degrees of uterine enlargement, especially for the ones with longer courses of the symptoms.
6. Pelvic disease: Pelvic inflammatory disease, due to pelvic blood stasis for a long time without treatment, causing uterine connective tissue hyperplasia, as well as hypertrophy. 
For inflammation such as chronic adnexitis, pelvic connective tissue inflammation, chronic myositis of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease, and uterine hypertrophy caused by bacterial viruses, female patients can be cured by orally taking natural medicine Fuyan Pill. 

Fuyan Pill contains more than 50 kinds of herbal ingredients, which can remove inflammation caused by various bacteria, viruses and pathogens, eliminate pathological changes, and promote blood circulation, unblock blood stasis, relieve pain, clear away heat and toxin, and restore the health of female reproductive system. 
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