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How to Prevent Irregular Menstruation in Summer
The term irregular menstruation is not unfamiliar to us. Whether young girls or middle-aged women, they are prone to irregular menstruation. Its main manifestations are abnormal menstrual cycle or amount of bleeding, or abdominal pain and systemic symptoms before and during menstruation. 
Menstruation occurs in women every month, only normal menstruation can be manifestation of a healthy body, but in life there are many women suffering from menstrual disorders, this disease occurs and brings great physical harm to female, so how to prevent menstrual disorders in summer?

1. Avoid cold. Some women are greedy for coolness and fear of heat especially in summer during menstruation. They often neglect warmth preservation and tend to have cold. As a result, they are prone to irregular menstruation and even systemic diseases, affecting their physical and mental health. 
For women who sit in offices for a long time, it may affect ovarian function and cause ovulation disorders if they are exposed to long-term cold air conditioning, it often results in menstrual disorders, abdominal pain and abdominal distention.
2. Work and leisure balance. Women who engage in physical labor for a long time, especially during menstruation, will consume their physical integrity, or engage in heavy mental work for a long time, which will lead to consumption of blood, both of which can cause irregular menstruation. 

3. It is not advisable to take large quantities of cold drinks in summer. Overtaking of cold drinks during menstruation can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, cause sudden spasm of gastrointestinal blood vessels and decrease the secretion of digestive juice, directly affect the digestive and absorptive function of the gastrointestinal tract, and even cause abdominal pain and irregular menstruation. 
At the same time, the pelvic cavity and pudenda of women are obviously hyperemic during menstruation. Sudden cold stimulation can reflexively cause spasm and contraction of uterine and pelvic blood vessels, resulting in gynecological disorders such as irregular menstruation, and dysmenorrhea.
4. Avoid inappropriate sexual intercourse. Uncontrolled sexual intercourse will make blood in the kidney deficient, and menstruation will be affected. If you have sex during menstruation, the harm will be greater. Infection of mild cases will lead to irregular menstruation, and in severe cases, people will die because of massive bleeding.

5. Attention to diet. Pay attention to regular and quantitative diet, do not overeat fatty, greasy, cold,and spicy products to avoid damaging of the spleen and stomach and resulting in biochemical deficiency.
Women with long-term irregular menstruation or irregular bleeding will feel dizziness, fatigue, panic, shortness of breath and other symptoms during menstruation, serious or even irreversibly harmful to women; Irregular menstruation is mainly caused by gynecological diseases, among them PID is very common. 
At present, Fuyan Pill has a very good effect on regulating menstruation. It contains over 50 kinds of herbs to remove pain during menstruation, make period normal and healthy.
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