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Can Females Suffering From Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Eat Mutton?
Pelvic inflammatory disease like other gynecological diseases, should be treated in time when females are diagnosed. At the same time, patients should pay attention to the daily diet conditioning, which is seen as an adjuvant treatment of gynecological inflammation.
People like to eat more foods to tonify the body in autumn and winter, and many of them are fond of mutton. Can females with pelvic inflammatory disease eat mutton?

There are many matters needing attention to the diet when you are suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease. They should avoid hot, greasy, pungent food, which can stimulate the pelvic cavity and then aggravate the disease, such as pepper, chicken, mutton, and so on. Visibly, patients with pelvic inflammatory disease are not suggested to eat mutton.
Besides, there are some other food prohibitions for patients with pelvic inflammatory disease.
1. When females suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, they should avoid fatty and cold food, such as fat meat, crab, field snail, salted product and so on. 
2. For some patients, they need to give up on drinking alcohol and smoking, so as not to affect the body recovery.
3. Patients should also avoid raw and cold food, such as iced drinks, chilled fruit and so on.
They should choose light and easily digestible foods, such as red beans, mung beans, wax gourd, hyacinth bean, purslane and so on. They should also eat some foods that can invigorate blood and qi, such as hawthorn, peach kernel, fruit peel, tangerine seed, orange peel, rose, kumquat and so on.
Pay attention to the cause of pelvic inflammatory disease.
1. Surgery-related infections
For example, after childbirth, abortion, hysteroscopy and other operations, due to preoperative sexual life, indiscreet surgical sterilization or improper selection of preoperative indications, there will be acute infection attacks and spreads after the surgery. Also, some patients do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, or do not follow the doctor's advice, which can cause bacterial uplink infection, thus leading to pelvic inflammatory disease.
2. Poor menstrual hygiene
If you do not pay attention to menstrual hygiene, or use unclean sanitary napkins and pads, or have menstrual sexual intercourse, it will lead to pathogenic invasion and then give rise to inflammation.
3. Inflammation in neighboring organs spreads directly
The most common are appendicitis and peritonitis. Because the inflamed organs are adjacent to the female reproductive organs, inflammation can spread directly and cause pelvic inflammatory disease. When suffering from chronic cervicitis, inflammation can also cause pelvic connective tissue inflammation via lymphatic circulation.
For patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, timely treatment is necessary. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is an effective method to eliminate inflammation, improve the blood circulation, remove blood stasis and adjust the menstruation. It leads to no side effects on human body, so patients can take the pill for long-term treatment.
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