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Why Are Married Women Prone To Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very common gynecological disease in women, which is an inflammation that occurs in the pelvic cavity. Commonly, the pelvic cavity refers to the female internal genitalia and surrounding connective tissues and pelvic peritoneum, namely the female uterus, oviduct, ovary and other organs.
Many women do not know why they suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease after marriage, and they do not go to the hospital for timely treatment, resulting in more serious consequences. Why are married women prone to pelvic inflammatory disease? Notice these five factors.

1. Your husband has inflammation.
If a man has prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, the bacteria will reach the woman's body through sex, so that the woman's pelvic cavity will be infected, thus leading to pelvic inflammatory disease. Especially for the prostatitis, the infected prostatic fluid of men will enter the female body with semen, easily making women attacked by bacterial infection. This is where the importance of condoms comes in. Using condoms when having sex can prevent this problem to some extent.
2. Condoms are unhygienic.
It is important to use condoms and you need to ensure the quality of the condoms. It is, after all, an object that fits closely into the private parts of men and women. In addition to buying regular products from regular manufacturers, you should pay attention to the condom's hygiene issue when using it. Do not make the condom contaminated with dirty things. That is, when you take the condom out of the package, just put it on directly and don't let it touch the sheets, covers or other places to avoid dirty things.

3. Women don't pay attention to personal hygiene.
There are some women who do not pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the health of private parts. As you know, women must do a good job of hygiene, especially in the special period. Take the menstrual period for example. If you don't pay attention to hygiene during the menstrual period, or you don't use clean sanitary napkins and don't pay attention to the cleaning of private parts, it will allow germs to enter the pelvic cavity and cause pelvic inflammatory disease thereby.
4. Women have low immunity.
If your body immunity and the resistance to disease is relatively poor, you will be easy to be attacked by germs, thus leading to problems like pelvic inflammatory disease. Many women have the habit of smoking and drinking in their daily life, which can surely reduce the body's immunity. To improve this, you should pay attention to dietary nutrition collocation and take part in physical exercise in ordinary times.

5. Women experience frequent artificial abortion.
Couples may not do a good job of contraception during sex, resulting in unwanted pregnancy. Since there is no need to have children, women may choose to have an abortion. But you should know that frequent artificial abortion will harm the woman's pelvic cavity so that she may suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease. Hence, women should protect their uterus, ovaries and other organs, and stick to their bottom line and protect themselves at any time.
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a more easily repeated inflammation, and many women are suffering from repeated torture by this disease. If you have pelvic inflammatory disease, you should get treated in time and choose the right treatment such as the safe and effective herbal therapy Fuyan Pill, which is a widely used option for female patients. Hope all of you can get better soon.

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