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How To Deal With The High-incidence Factors Of Pelvic Inflammation
Pelvic inflammation is a very common gynecological disease. The high incidence of this inflammation is due to the fact that many details of life are overlooked by women. There are some high-incidence factors about pelvic inflammation that you should keep your eyes on.

1. Women don't pay attention to personal hygiene.
For both men and women, personal hygiene is closely related to physical health. For women, their intimate areas are more vulnerable to bacterial invasion, especially for fragile females in the menstrual period. If their sanitary napkins and underwear are not replaced in time, bacterial growth can increase, leading to pelvic inflammation in women.
Therefore, it is suggested that women pay more attention to their own hygiene, and they should often take a bath, and change clothes and bed on a regular basis. The cleaner the healthier.
2. Women have unhealthy sex life.
Unhealthy sex life usually includes having sex during the menstrual period, no washing before and after sex, having sex with a number of men, having frequent sex and so on. These sexual activities are beyond the normal intensity of sex and can lead to cross-infection or excessive congestion in women.
Doctors warn that if you do so for a long time, it will be likely to incur pelvic inflammation in women. So you need to have a normal sexual life and don't get hooked on it too much.
3. Women have low immunity.
Low immunity means poor resistance to exterior pathogens, thus being very susceptible to diseases and infections. That women have low immunity can be caused by many factors. It could be a poor condition from birth, linked to genetics, or it could be a result of acquired factors, such as a lack of nutrition and exercise.
So in daily life, female friends need to eat more healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, egg, milk and so on, and they have to refuse the temptation of spicy and greasy food. Doing more physical exercise will surely do you good, such as jogging, yoga, jumping, swimming and other aerobic sports.

4. Women have undergone multiple uterine cavity operations
No one likes to have an operation, but because of some mistakes or errors, women sometimes have to choose the operation to fix their problems. For example, if they accidentally become pregnant but they are not ready to become a mother, then they may choose to have an abortion. Or, in order to avoid pregnancy, women may opt for IUD surgery. If the operation is not sterilized, or performed too many times, it will be easy to cause pelvic inflammation.
So women should take care of their own bodies. If not necessary, do not have multiple operations. If you want to have safe sex, using condoms is also a great way, which is simple and does not harm the body, and can avoid cross-infection, why not?
If you unfortunately have pelvic inflammation, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be offered to you. It is safe and effective. Through the pill, you can completely get the best of various bacteria and viruses, adjust your menstruation, relieve pain, without leading to any adverse reactions.

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