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Six Skills Make Pelvic Cavity Eased
Pelvic inflammatory disease seriously affects the female physical and mental health, and even affects marital life and feelings. Therefore, attention to pelvic health and improvement of pelvic function should be regarded as an important part of female physical and mental health care.
So how do females improve pelvic health? Six skills for you.

1. Massage the belly
Stand naturally, breathe naturally, relax the whole body, and then hold both sides of the lower abdomen with your hands, and rub to the pubic bone. The rub is one beat at a time, and a total of four eight beats should be done.
2. Gently rub umbilical abdomen
You can stand, sit or lie on your back. Breathe naturally, relax the whole body, and place the palms inward on the umbilical abdomen, then gently knead the umbilical abdomen in a clockwise direction. Gently knead around for a beat, lightly knead with a total of two eight beats, and then gently knead with two eight beats counter-clockwise.
3. Pat the lower abdomen
Stand naturally, breathe naturally, relax your whole body, and then pat your lower abdomen with both hands alternately (use force to be comfortable). One beat for a time, and a total is four eight beats.
4. Turn lateral hip
Stand naturally, breathe naturally, relax, and hold your hips with your hands on each side. Turn the hips laterally from left - front - right - back - left. Then make a right - front - left - back - right lateral circle rotation with the hips in the opposite direction.

5. Do lateral torsional hip
Stand naturally, breathe naturally, relax, and hold your hips with your hands on each side. Make the crotch twist from left to right to left. Twist for one beat at a time, and a total is four eight beats.
6. Do abdominal respiration
Standing naturally, sitting flat or lying on your back can be done. Relax and breathe from the abdomen. As you breathe in, your lower abdomen pulls in slightly, and your pussy pulls in slightly. When you exhale, your lower abdomen bulges slightly outwards, and your front and back pubic areas also spit slightly outwards. One breath for one beat, a total is four eight beats.
These simple and easy movements can help you relieve the pelvic cavity and some painful feelings in ordinary times. But if you surely are bothered by pelvic inflammatory disease and you can not put up with the pain anymore, you should get medical treatment in time.
Generally speaking, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice option for patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, which is made from over fifty herbal ingredients that are totally natural and harmless. The medicine works well on relieving pain, eliminating inflammation and improving the female body immunity as well as the menstruation.
Also, paying attention to daily diet and personal hygiene is important for the conditioning of pelvic health. You should take the sexual life in control and don’t work too much. Keep good mindset and actively follow the treatment and conditioning plan, you will heal in full.

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