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Female Attention! How To Deal With Pelvic Inflammation And Vaginitis
During spring and summer, the weather is changeable, and temperature varies widely from day to night. If you don't pay enough attention to keeping warm and cooling, your body will easily get wet or catch a cold, leading to a decrease in body resistance. In this case, you may be affected by pelvic inflammation.
In addition, excessive spicy food intake can also induce pelvic inflammation. Females always like to eat spicy and greasy barbecue, with cold beer. So to speak, the possibility that causes female people to induce pelvic inflammation becomes a lot higher.

What's more, females' vulva is the most susceptible to infection. Because the vulva is more fragile, and it is exposed to a lot of dirty things every day, such as urine, sweat, feces, and occasionally stained with menstrual blood. These dirty things have remained on the skin of the vulva, if in the event of high temperature and wet surroundings, it is easy to breed bacteria.
When the bacteria multiply, they will continue to spread from the vaginal opening into the vagina, resulting in a large number of bacterial growth in the vagina, and induced inflammation like vaginitis. So, women in ordinary times should do a good job of health care, so as to avoid being targeted by vaginitis.
To better prevent pelvic inflammation and vaginitis, there are some things that female friends should take notice of carefully.
1. Do not wear tight or too narrow underwear, and do not choose the underwear of chemical fiber texture, otherwise it will be easy to get vaginitis because of the vulva local airtight condition.
2. When you are menstruating, please choose qualified sanitary napkins. It is better not to use sanitary napkins that have been opened.
3. Do not always use pads, which can cause local vulva temperature rise and make your private part wet, which favors the bacterial growth.


4. Avoid swimming in places with lots of people to avoid being infected by others.
5. Avoid sitting all the day. If you stay in the same position for a long time, it's easy to cause muscle stiffness in your lower limbs and slow blood flow, making women more likely to be targeted by pelvic inflammation. So, you can occasionally get up to urinate, or go to the corridor overlooking the scenery and so on, which are good to your health.
6. Don't stay up late. Doctors warn that staying up late for a long time is so easy to disrupt work and rest, which affects endocrine secretion and eventually leads to the decline of body immunity. As a result, the body will be more likely to be invaded by bacteria, which will make you more likely to get sick.
If you are unfortunately affected by pelvic inflammation or vaginitis, you should get treated in time. And a good news for you is that the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice option for you to treat these inflammations. This herbal pill can be able to terminate various bacteria and viruses, and it helps females restore body resistance and self-healing capacity. So it is a nice option for female friends to take if needed.

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