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Any treatment can eliminate symptoms of PID and its complications together?

Pelvic inflammation disease refers to the inflammation or infection on women's reproductive organs. PID can do great harm to uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or other women's reproductive organs. That's why it won't come alone, but brings many complications, such as fallopian tubal blockage, infertility and sexual transmitted diseases and so on.
Patients who infected with PID, would not only suffer from PID symptoms, like Painful urination, Chills or high fever, Nausea and vomiting, Pain during sex, but also would bear the symptoms of PID complications. Through years’ hard work of doctors, to clear up symptoms of PID is never a problem; however, to eliminate symptoms of PID and its complications together is still a big challenge that needs to be conquered.
Since PID has relation with so many reproductive organs, and its complications make this disease more complicated to cure. To drive away PID and its complications at the same time is not an easy project.
There are great numbers of experiences have been done to solve this issue, but little achievements have been gotten. It seems that to clear up symptoms of PID and its complications is impossible. Is it the truth that no treatment could set patients free from PID and its complications at same time?
Absolutely, no. Thanks to traditional Chinses doctors' persistent efforts, finally they invented an herbal medicine fuyan pill, which could eliminate symptoms of PID and its complications at the same within only several months. This pill has been used to cure females' reproductive disease over than 30 years. Fuyan Pill can guide other herbs like bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey suckle flower, Chinese angelica, fructus forsythia, plantain seed and so on, and can directly function on inflammatory parts.
What's more, this pill also has the effects on eliminating inflammation, dissipating hard lumps, promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and killing toxic materials, dissolving stasis, releasing pain and improving Qi.
Last but not the least, Fuyan Pill may not cause any side effects or drug resistance. It can help patients get cure completely in a short time without recurrence. Thus it could eliminate all symptoms of PID and its complications together validly and safely.
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