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Here are six bad habits that can lead to the reduction of prostate resistance.Inflammation is prone to occur when body resistance declines....[read article]

Prostatitis is a disease that affects the prostate, a gland present in men's bodies, causing it to become inflammation. It is a non-cancerous condition and does not constitute a risk to patients' lives, but it can be inconvenient....[read article]

Proved by clinical practice for over 30 years, Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic provided exclusive prescription called Diuretic amd Anti-inflammatory Pill which can effectively treat sexual dysfuncion caused by reproductive inflammation....[read article]

Most men suffer from chronic prostatitis symptoms are diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis. In some regions, it is a more common condition thant chronic bacterial prostatitis. In most cases, doctors may suggest antibiotics for it....[read article]

Recently, the Canadian Society of Urology (CUA) updated its 2018 version of the MLUTS/BPH guidelines to guide urologists to provide the most appropriate treatment for different MLUTS/BPH patients....[read article]

In recent years, the morbidity rate of prostatitis is increasing. Why so many people affect prostatitis? As is known, prostatitis can be caused by lots of reasons but also because only a few people know the actual reasons....[read article]

Adiposity doesnt not only affect the beauty, life and work, but also have influence on the health. Adiposity has been defined as a disease, which is the third threaten to our health following cardio-cerebral vascular disease and cancer. ...[read article]

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Sharry" I was pain-free for the first time in years! I thank Dr. Lee for her research, which is going to be of immense use to "
Erica Degay" I had a lump on my left side that would develop after my period and get bigger at the end of ovulation. Now it's gone. "
Kamal Deep" I have great improvement. I used to have pain for almost 18 days a month bt after treatment it nw 5 days only. "
Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
Rhoda Dillon" We want to thank you for everthing you have done. We sense in you a "doctor" in the "true sense" of the world. "

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