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Four Beneficial Exercises for Prostatitis Patients
All people want to have a healthy body in their life, but many men get prostatitis due to some bad habits, like holding urine for a long time, and drinking and smoking, etc. In this case, men should seek treatment. Many people think exercise can treat prostatitis, is it right?

Here we will discuss some exercises beneficial to prostatitis.
1. Do more anal lifting exercises to promote prostate health. 
In the process of anal lifting exercise, the blood circulation speed of the hip is accelerated, improving the function of the male prostate. During the lift, the prostate gland is relaxed and has enough blood supply to maintain its normal function.
2. Jogging can improve prostate function. 
The intensity of jogging is lower than that of running. In jogging, the body's blood circulation will speed up, and there is enough blood to provide essential organs. Jogging speeds the body's waste toxin excretion and usually has a maintenance effect on prostate function. And when jogging, you build up your resistance, which prevents bacteria from invading your prostate gland and damaging its function.
3. Swimming is good for prostatitis.
When prostate health is assured, urination can be regular and normal, and male sexual function can be maintained. Men who want to promote prostate health can swim properly at ordinary times. Swimming is a common exercise. In the process of swimming, it can not only improve the cardiopulmonary function but also speeds the blood circulation, and the whole body will be accelerated. 
Many people have prostatitis associated with sedentary times. In swimming, the circulation ability of the body is maintained well, and there are no local compression symptoms, which can usually prevent the impairment of prostate function.
4. The squat is good for prostatitis.
Men who want to promote prostate health should do some exercise, such as squatting. During the squat, the muscles on both sides of the thigh are exercised effectively, which can drive the muscles around the reproductive organs to stretch and contract. Adhere to squat exercise, and prostate blood circulation will speed, which can maintain good prostate function and prevent prostatitis. 
These exercises play an important adjuvant therapeutic efficacy. Besides, people with uncomfortable symptoms can adopt some other treatments. 
1. Antibiotic treatment
Antibiotic treatments, such as fluoroquinolones, cephalosporins and other antibiotics, is a common, simple and convenient method of drug treatment with high sexual comparison. However, it may lead to some harmful circumstances at the same time. In addition, antibiotic decomposition is faster, so that the effect can not reach a certain concentration and the effect is not so obvious, so that prostatitis can not be treated in time, and buried more hidden severe dangers.
2. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment
Many traditional Chinese medicines can treat prostatitis, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and treat prostatitis effectively with the functions of eliminating inflammation, promote blood circulation, and remove blood stasis. 
3. Physical therapy
A hot water sitz bath is the most economical kind of physical therapy, which can activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and relieve inflammation. The temperature is generally about 50℃, and the testicles should not be soaked in warm water.

Other physical therapy such as microwave, ultrashort wave, radio frequency, infrared and other therapeutic instruments can improve the prostate blood circulation, promote prostatic fluid drainage, promote inflammation subside. Iontophoresis is the introduction of drug molecules into the prostate tissue to enhance the effect of the drug.
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