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Men can Feel Prostatitis Symptoms Better in the Summer, Why?
When people are complaining of hot and uncomfortable weather in summer, some patients with prostatitis have found that their symptoms have been significantly reduced on the usual annoying frequency of urination, urgency, pain in urination, abdominal swelling and other symptoms. So some patients think this is a sign of disease improvement or even recovery.

Many patients wonder whether summer is really a good time to treat prostatitis. Here are the reasons. 
Hot summer weather, similar to a kind of hyperthermia for prostatitis, can reduce the lower abdomen, perineal bulge and other uncomfortable symptoms. This is in line with the doctor's recommendation of warm sitz baths and hot compresses. 
In summer, people's sweating volume increases, and the frequency of urination decreases naturally, alleviating frequent urination symptoms in patients with prostatitis. Then, a higher temperature can make the prostate around the sphincter relax, blood vessels dilate, and blood circulation accelerate, thus relieving the prostate edema, congestion of poor urination and other symptoms. 
The temperature in summer is high, so some symptoms are relieved. They are more convenient to check. In view of the dilation of the body's vessels and veins and the acceleration of blood circulation, drug delivery is no longer hindered. At the same time, the metabolism is accelerated, and cell regeneration ability is strong, and the absorption of drugs is faster than usual. When the drug effect is effective, the pain will reduce and is easy to recover.  
Although prostatitis symptoms can be improven in the summer, it does not mean it will heal itself. Why is that? 
Part of prostatitis patients with symptoms will alleviate in the summer. This is because the weather is hot, and the secretion of the sweat gland increases greatly, coupled with the high climate making prostate lesions within the muscle relaxation, vasodilation, blood circulation acceleration, which can alleviate the edema and hyperemia. The urethra gets unobstructed, and some symptoms like frequent urination and urgency have been reduced. But as soon as the weather turned cooler, prostatitis returned. So it's a myth that summer can make prostatitis heal itself. 
The temperature in summer is high, and cell regeneration ability is strong, and the sphincter contraction is better, which is conducive to the recovery of patients with prostatitis. 
Then what can men do to seize such a good opportunity?  
1. Medication 
Treatment of prostatitis, most patients will choose antibiotics early and physical therapy as a priority, because the early treatment of acute prostatitis effect is obvious. But the late curative effect is not ideal after taking a large number of drugs. They can lead to bacterial drug resistance and damage liver and kidney function. Besides, patients will feel tired and dizzy.
So, people can choose herbal medicine for prostatitis treatment, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and cause and improve body immunity to reduce recurrence. More importantly, it will not cause any side effects to the body and will not cause drug resistance.  
2. Life schedule
Patients with prostatitis do not stay up late to watch the ball, especially during the World Cup in the summer. In addition, avoid cold drinks, tobacco and wine, and spicy food because cold food is high in sugar. The cold and hot intersection will aggravate the body's hot and humid condensation, which is not conducive to the recovery of prostatitis. 
Pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid infection, do not overfatigue, have a moderate sex life, avoid sitting for a long time, and do more exercise to improve the body's disease resistance. 
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