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How to Recognize Prostatitis Test Report?
When men have symptoms of prostatitis, some will go to the hospital to check whether there is prostatitis. It is necessary to get a checkup report. And most men can't understand the report, and they want to know the result in a hurry. So how to read the prostatitis test report?
When the prostate is diseased, the color, cell count, PH, and biochemical composition of the prostatic fluid secreted by the acinar will change. Therefore, when a prostate patient goes to the hospital, the doctor often asks him to check the prostatic fluid. 

1. PH value: Normal prostatic fluid is acidic with a PH value of 6.27~6.5. PH value will increase in prostatitis.
2. Appearance: The appearance of normal prostatic fluid is light and milky white, and the secretion is thick, yellow, or pale red in color and turbid when there is inflammation.
3. Lecithin bodies: The lecithin bodies in a normal prostatic fluid are almost all over the visual field, and the superscripts on the checklist are +++~++++. When prostatitis occurs, the lecithin body is reduced, only +~++, and there is a tendency to aggregate into piles.
4. Red blood cells: There are few red blood cells in normal prostatic fluid, that is, no more than 10 in each high power field. In prostatitis, there can be more than 10-15 per high-power field of view.
5. White blood cells: There are ten white blood cells in each high-power field of view in normal prostatic fluid. When prostatitis occurs, the number of white blood cells can significantly exceed 10, and the checklist shows +~+++ (each + represents ten white blood cells).
6. Sperm: If the seminal vesicle gland is compressed when the prostate is massaged, sperm can be detected in the prostatic fluid.
7. Trichomonas and mold: There is no trichomoniasis and mildew in the prostatic fluid under normal circumstances. Trichomonas and mold infections can be detected in the prostatic fluid.

The prostatic fluid with chronic prostatitis is slightly yellow and turbid during the microscopic examination or contains flocculents. Macrophages swallow many lipids, which increases the number of white blood cells in the prostatic fluid. The diagnosis can be established for every high-power field of more than 10. White blood cells can be seen in piles in severe cases, while lecithin bodies are reduced or disappeared. 
However, the test results are often related to the amount and thickness of the prostatic fluid, whether it is combined with urinary tract infection or specimen contamination. Therefore, the use of prostatic fluid microscopy to diagnose chronic prostatitis should be repeated three times in succession to make the diagnosis more reliable.
If patients are diagnosed with prostatitis, don't worry too much. Follow doctor's advice during treatment and follow up on time. At present, there are many treatment methods for prostatitis. Clinically, the most used treatments are drug treatment and physical therapy. Most people usually choose drug treatment. For example, the use of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can sterilize and reduce inflammation effectively. After some time, clinical symptoms will be significantly reduced. And after treatment, the recurrence rate is also shallow.
The effect of physical therapy is also good, but physical therapy may recur attacks. Patients with prostatitis must receive treatment in time, and most people can be cured after receiving treatment.
Individuals also need to pay attention to their diet. Patients can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals. Patients with prostatitis must not touch peppers, onions, garlic, ginger, etc. These foods are more irritating that will aggravate the condition.
Patients with prostatitis should abstain from alcohol, avoid spicy food and drink more water; avoid holding back urine, sitting for a long time, and fatigue; keep warm and strengthen physical exercise. A hot water sitz bath is beneficial to patients with chronic prostatitis. After the treatment is over, paying attention to the above matters can help prevent the recurrence of prostatitis.
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