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Can Prostatitis Patients Do Physical Work?
enerally speaking, clinically, prostatitis refers to a symptom of swelling or infection of the prostate, which usually causes the patient's pain. There is no clear cause for the cause of prostate, and most of it may be caused by bacteria.

For patients with prostatitis, it is recommended to do appropriate exercises  in daily life to improve their physical fitness. Light physical work can be done according to patients' situations. But it is not recommended to do heavy physical work because it will cause an aggravating impact. Patients with prostatitis must go to a regular hospital for related examinations and treat them in time for a speedy recovery.
Patients with prostatitis should rest more in their daily lives. For example, they should not be overwork. Many patients with prostatitis often make their diseases more challenging to cure due to heavy work. Patients can exercise more. It is an excellent way to keep a healthy body.
Prostatitis is most afraid of procrastination. The more procrastinated, the more serious it is, the more costly it is, and the probability of becoming prostate cancer is also relatively higher. Some young males think that they are in good health and can recover with more exercise and nutrition. It is the biggest mistake; no matter what causes prostatitis, they cannot heal themselves and only restore their health through drugs.
Patients can use herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis, which contains many natural herbs, such as plantain seed, fringed pink, polygonum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, and so on. It has a strong power of sterilization and anti-inflammation and a good effect in treating reproductive and urinary system diseases caused by inflammation.
Although prostatitis is a male disease, men should pay attention to caring for the condition in daily life and carefully understand the nursing methods. Clinicians believe that the excellent nursing process is a particularly critical stage for the recovery of male diseases. 

Here are four nursing methods below.
1. Men should quit smoking and drinking after developing prostatitis. After suffering from prostatitis, men should not eat spicy foods. Especially after eating some stimulating products, it will cause the prostate to be abnormally congested, only aggravating their prostatitis. It is best to eat some light foods, try to eat well-digested foods. Softer foods are best. Eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement the vitamin content required by the human body in time. They are better foods for the body.
2. Men should maintain an optimistic mood and insist on physical exercise. Many men do not exercise for a long time because of too much work pressure, and work pressure also adds a substantial psychological burden to it, which is also the leading cause of prostatitis. Men must adjust their mentality after getting prostatitis.
3. Drink plenty of water, do not hold back urine, and urinate when having the intention to urinate. Unlike women, men do not hold urine properly, but it will easily affect the prostate if men hold back urine. 
4. Do not spend too much time during sex life, let alone have sex for a long time. Reasonable sex life is an essential criterion for men, whether physical health or reproductive health. Excessive sex life can reduce the aggravation of male prostatitis, and men can have sexual dysfunction after suffering from prostatitis, so it is necessary to reduce sex life appropriately.
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