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Will Chronic Prostatitis Induce Premature Ejaculation?
Is prostatitis included in the cause of premature ejaculation? The so-called premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation before the penis touches the female genitals without being inserted into the vagina. Or, although the penis can be erected, the penis has just been inserted, or the insertion activity is less than one minute, and then ejaculates prematurely. The penis then becomes weak and cannot continue sexual intercourse. One of the manifestations of sexual dysfunction is which both men and women cannot get sexual satisfaction.

Early in the wedding, lack of sexual experience, excessive sexual excitement, or too nervous, premature ejaculation is not a pathological condition. And Accidentally, premature ejaculation cannot be called premature ejaculation. Only those who often premature ejaculation and cannot have sexual intercourse can be recognized as pathological premature ejaculation.
The causes of premature ejaculation are primarily mental and psychological factors, such as excessive sexual excitement, excessive excitement or anxiety, tension, fear of failure, physical fatigue, and insufficient energy, which weaken the central control ability of ejaculation.
The experts believe that there are fewer organic causes of premature ejaculation, such as excessive penile foreskin, urethritis, epididymitis, and chronic prostatitis. Studies have found that central lumbar disc herniation is due to the herniated disc compressing the dura mater, which affects cerebrospinal fluid circulation and may cause cauda equina nerve congestion, edema, and dysfunction. 
Since the cauda equina is an ejaculation reflex arc, the herniated lumbar intervertebral disc causes abnormal nerve conduction and abnormally increased sensitivity, leading to premature ejaculation, which can be restored to normal through traction therapy.

Chronic prostatitis and premature ejaculation.
Chronic prostatitis may also be one of the organic causes of premature ejaculation. For example, inflammation of the prostate will cause hypersensitivity and congestion due to hyperemia and edema stimulation. When there is a sexual impulse, it cannot be controlled (especially in blue). The prime will also ejaculate very soon. 
Allergy decreases the threshold to withstand impulsive stimulation so that prostatitis may be accompanied by premature ejaculation. Of course, the mechanism is unclear because even if some people also have prostatitis, they do not have premature ejaculation, and their sexual function remains the same as usual.
Therefore, whether prostatitis will cause premature ejaculation, there is still no conclusion in medicine, and there is no clear medical conclusion about the relationship between prostatitis and premature ejaculation. However, some patients with prostatitis can induce premature ejaculation to a certain extent due to untimely treatment, repeated illnesses, and psychological stress.
So after suffering from prostatitis, men must treat as early as possible, do not delay the disease, and lead to premature ejaculation or infertility, and other troubles. Prostatitis patients are now more inclined to conservative drug treatment, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Herbal medicine does not produce sequelae or complications like surgery. Nor is it like antibiotics, where long-term use increases resistance. The long-term use of herbal medicine can regulate the meridians, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to achieve the treatment of prostatitis.
It does not mean that all patients with prostatitis will have premature ejaculation, nor can it be said that premature ejaculation will be induced after prostatitis. Alarmists say: "Prostatitis can lead to premature ejaculation!" As a result, patients should be vigilant for over-treatment. Patients should seek truth from facts, carefully analyze the reasons, and solve what the problems are.
It can be seen from the above that chronic prostatitis may also be the cause of premature ejaculation, so the cause of premature ejaculation also includes chronic prostatitis. Although the above said, the patient should not think that premature ejaculation must be chronic prostatitis, so it is better to go to a regular hospital for examination.

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